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Archived: Spire Thames Valley Hospital

Wexham Street, Wexham, Buckinghamshire, SL3 6NH (01753) 662241

Provided and run by:
Spire Thames Valley Hospital Limited

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All Inspections

15 January 2014

During a routine inspection

We spoke with seven inpatients during our inspection and found they were all very positive about their experiences at the hospital. One person told us they were provided with the "Description (of the) operation...risks and information." During our inspection we looked at patients' medical notes and found their consent to treatment had been recorded appropriately.

There were effective systems to ensure care was provided in a setting that protected people from the risk of infection. We found there were robust systems in place for the maintenance of the premises and for ongoing refurbishment. Patients told us they found their rooms were comfortable and clean.

The provider had a recruitment procedure in place to ensure the staff employed were suitable to work with vulnerable people.

4 March 2013

During a routine inspection

We met with two service users; two visitors and eight staff.

People receiving care told us that they were treated with dignity and respect. We saw staff talking to people in a friendly and professional way. One person described their care as "totally brilliant". We were told that staff were "top notch; kind and knowledgeable". People told us that staff were responsive to their needs.

We saw that the hospital was well maintained and had good parking facilities. The furnishings were clean; bedrooms were well ventilated and had adequate lighting. We saw that the clinical areas were clean and well organised and that equipment was maintained.

One person told us that the food was appetising and we saw that it was well presented.

We saw that people's care was delivered in line with standardised care pathways and people felt involved in their treatment and felt that they had been offered choices in respect of their treatment.

We saw that the provider had governance arrangements in place and addressed issues of clinical care to improve service delivery.

Staff felt valued and respected and appear to take pride in their work and there was evidence of quality assurance in respect of most professional groups..

23 November 2011

During a routine inspection

People who use the service told us they had been involved in discussions about their care and treatment. They said they had been given the opportunity to ask questions and had received thorough explanations on such things as the risks and benefits involved in their procedures. They felt staff were very good at respecting their privacy and dignity and they were encouraged to be as independent as possible.

People told us they had received a pre-admission assessment consultation and questionnaire before arriving at Spire Thames Valley Hospital. They said that the assessments had covered all aspects of their care and had taken into account their needs during their care and treatment. People felt that staff were very knowledgeable about their needs and how to meet them.

People said they felt safe and that their possessions were secure at Spire Thames Valley Hospital. They told us that staff appeared qualified and competent in looking after them. They said they were always able to locate a member of staff when they needed one and that staff responded quickly to call alarms. People told us that staff were respectful and cooperated well together to get things done.

One person summarised her feelings by saying: 'It's been a very happy stay if one can call it that. Staff have been pleasant and capable and I can't fault my stay at all'. Another person said: 'My experience here has been excellent'.