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Archived: The Yachtsman Rest Home

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Inspection carried out on 19 February 2014

During a routine inspection

During our inspection we looked at staff training records, staff supervision arrangements, observed for meal times and quality monitoring procedures. We did this because we wanted to identify appropriate arrangements were in place to support staff members. We also wanted to ensure people were having their nutritional needs met.

We spoke with people living at the home, their relatives and staff throughout the inspection. We observed the quality of care and support provided by staff during the inspection.

We found care plan records were up to date and people were happy with the service they were receiving. We found people were supported by staff who had been trained and appropriate support arrangements were in place for them. Good care practices were observed and people told us they were happy with their relatives care. One person said, �My husband has been in the home six years and I am very happy with his care. He is visited every day by a family member and we always find him clean and well presented. When we take him out he always wants to return to the home�. Another person visiting said, �My relative has not been in the home long but seems to be settling well. I have found the staff all very pleasant and friendly�.

During our inspection we contacted the Lancashire contracts monitoring team. They told us they had no concerns about the service.

During an inspection looking at part of the service

This was a desktop review undertaken following new information received from the registered provider. Consequently we did not speak with people living at the home.

Inspection carried out on 29 November 2012

During a routine inspection

We observed how staff supported people living in The Yachtsman Rest Home. They were treated in a respectful and dignified manner. People told us that the staff were caring and supported them well. One person said, "Staff help me just as I want them to". Another person said they did not need much support but only had to ask if they needed help.

Staff encouraged people to join in activities indoors and in the local community. One person told us about a theatre trip planned for the day after the inspection. Another person showed us the Christmas newsletter which detailed the activities and trips out over the festive period.

People living in the home said they felt that they were safe at The Yachtsman. They said staff were approachable and kind and they could talk to them.

Care plans were in place and were informative and person centred. People living in the home and their relatives had been involved in collecting this information. This gave all involved clear and detailed information on how to support people effectively.

The staffing levels and staff skills made sure people were well supported. People told us that staff assisted them quickly when they needed support. One person said, �I never have to wait long if I need any help.�

Inspection carried out on 15 September 2011

During an inspection looking at part of the service

People living in the home who spoke to us said that staff respected their privacy and that they were treated with respect. One person said, �The staff are excellent. They really look after us well.�

People living in the home said they are able to choose when to get up, and go to bed and what they want to do during the day. One person told us �Tea is served between 4 � 5.30 and I am able to go and help myself to what I want when I want which I like�.

One person told us that they were involved in deciding their care. They said that they talk to the staff, �We have talked about how I want to get ready in a morning and what I want to eat and they wrote it down.�

People living in the home were complimentary about the care and support they received. One person said, �Staff are very good, work very hard with a difficult job to do. I have no complaints�. Another person said, �Staff are very kind, they go out of their way to help� People spoken to said the staff were very helpful. One person said, �Staff are willing to go the extra mile�. Others said staff were kind and patient.

One person commented �I would like more fresh air, not necessarily for a walk with a carer but just to be able to go outside and walk around the building�.

People felt that the home was kept clean and was pleasant to live in. One person said sometimes they were cold but others said it was too warm or it was comfortable for them. Staff were advised to remind people to speak to staff if they were not comfortable with the temperature or anything else. People living in the home were full of praise about maintenance of the home. They said any repairs needed were promptly attended to and that they were very happy with this.

A member of staff talked to us about the new care plans. She found the new care plans informative but she found them difficult to follow but only in the sense that they were new and she had been used to the old system. She talked about her key worker role and was able to tell us which people she was Keyworker for and the type of things that she needed to do for them. Another member of staff told us that the care records were much more detailed now and gave a lot of helpful information.

Some people living in the home commented that the laundry service was not as good as it had been previously. They told us that the laundry person who had previously dealt with all the laundry had changed jobs in the home and all staff had become involved in doing the laundry. She had known whom items of clothing belonged to and quickly returned them. Since she had moved jobs clothing went missing more often and it seemed to take a while for articles of clothing to find there way back to the relevant person. The owners and manager said they would look at how to improve this.

Most of the service users stated that the food was good. One service user was not happy with the food, saying that the presentation was poor and the vegetables overcooked. Other people spoken to disagreed with this and said they liked the food.

Staff spoken to felt that their recruitment process had been thorough, with a good and helpful induction.

Staff spoken to said they felt well supported by senior people in the home.

One member of staff stated �I am supported by the Manager and deputy if I have any problems with anything�. Another member of staff said, �I can talk to senior staff anytime, they will always help if they can.�

A member of staff told us she had attended regular relevant training sessions, enjoyed the atmosphere in the home and loved caring for the service users. The member of staff talked about the training programmes she had completed, and stated that she had had a supervision session in the last month. She was able to talk about the needs of the service users with dementia.

Inspection carried out on 7 March 2011

During a routine inspection

People living in the home said that staff carry out personal care with dignity and respect at all times. One person said, �Staff are polite and friendly and knock on my door before coming in.� The people we spoke to during our visit told us they were happy with the care and support they were receiving.

The relatives of one person living in the home told us they looked around The Yachtsman as well as some other homes before choosing The Yachtsman. They told us they had been given information about the home from staff when they looked around. A relative said the staff talked to them and their relative about what care they would need. People spoken to who were living in the home said they liked it at The Yachtsman. Relatives spoken to were involved in the care and support of their family member and visited the home frequently.

We asked people living in the home and their relatives about the care and support they received and were told the staff were supportive and were always cheerful. Relatives spoken to said people were well cared for and staff were cheerful and kind.

One relative we spoke to said �The whole family is very grateful for the care provided by staff and said �They are always so kind and they go the extra mile�. Another relative said �The staff take good care of my husband and I am not anxious about him as I used to be.�

Staff spoken to said they do not get involved in writing care plans but do write daily reports and inform senior staff of any concerns about individuals living in the home.

People spoken with told us they enjoyed the meals provided by the home. During lunch several people told the staff that lunch was excellent. One person said, �As usual that was an excellent meal, thank you�.

We spoke to staff who said they had access to these and that they had read and understood them. People living in the home and staff said they could talk to the manager or senior staff if they had any concerns about care in the home and know they would investigate this.

One person living in the home said �It is always nice and clean here.� Relatives spoken to said how clean and tidy they found the home. One relative said, �Everywhere is always well cleaned in this home.� Staff spoken with told us they had received training in infection control and there were always plenty of aprons gloves and cleaning materials to assist with infection control.

A person living in the home said their room was kept nice and clean. A relative said that the home was safe and secure and people could not just walk in the building.

People living in the home and relatives said staff were helpful and supportive. One person living in the home said, �No matter how busy they are they always have time to smile and check you are OK. A relative said, �They look after my husband so well and I don�t have to worry.� One member of staff said, �There are always enough staff to care for people properly.�

Relatives said that there were enough staff to meet the needs of people living in the home and people were often taken for trips out. Staff spoken to felt that there were satisfactory staff numbers on shifts to meet the needs of the people living in the home. They added that they felt well supported by the owners, manager and senior team. Relatives spoken to said staff seemed to know what they were doing and were well trained.

People we spoke to were aware of how to make a complaint and felt these would be listened to and any concern acted upon. A relative said, �I have no concerns but if I did I will go straight to one of the managers.

Reports under our old system of regulation (including those from before CQC was created)