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Archived: The Yachtsman Rest Home

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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 7 March 2011
Date of Publication: 18 May 2011
Inspection Report published 18 May 2011 PDF

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People should be cared for in safe and accessible surroundings that support their health and welfare (outcome 10)

Meeting this standard

We checked that people who use this service

  • Are in safe, accessible surroundings that promote their wellbeing.

How this check was done

Our judgement

The home is well maintained with a pleasant, comfortable and safe environment.

User experience

A person living in the home said their room was kept nice and clean. A relative said that the home was safe and secure and people could not just walk in the building.

Other evidence

The owners have continued to upgrade the home to provide more comfortable accommodation including new windows and a porch at the front of the home. There are several lounge areas and two dining areas located on the ground floor. Large flat screen televisions are in place in each lounge, to provided easy viewing for people living in the home. Communal areas are generally well maintained and decorated. Aids and adaptations are available around the home to meet the needs of people who live there.

Bedrooms are mostly well personalised to provide a pleasant and comfortable personal space. One bedroom had an unpleasant odour which would not be nice to sleep in or spend time in. The manager said that this was being cleaned later in the day and was cleaned regularly. All other areas smelt fresh and pleasant.

There is also a rolling programme of redecoration which helps to ensure the décor is satisfactory.

The manager showed us how the owners, herself and staff made sure that the home was safe for people living in the home, staff and visitors. Staff know what action to take in an emergency. Security arrangements are in place to prevent unauthorised access to the home and people living in the home have call alarms to assist them to seek aid when needed.