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Inspection Summary

Overall summary & rating


Updated 8 December 2018

This was an unannounced inspection which took place on 30 and 31 October 2018.

West Oaks is a care home with nursing which is registered to provide a service for up to 63 people who require assistance with personal care and nursing needs. The service currently offers a service to 63 people whose needs are related to old age and dementia, some of whom may require nursing support. The service, a detached purpose built building, offers single occupancy rooms and one double bedroom across the two storey home, which is divided into five units.

At the last inspection, in March 2016, the service was rated as good in all domains. This meant the service was rated as overall good. At this inspection we found the service had improved to outstanding in two domains and therefore had improved to an overall rating of outstanding.

Why the service is rated outstanding.

The service provided an individualised and creative approach to people's care and support needs, which enhanced people's quality of life. People had access to information technology, which enabled them to communicate to people important to them.

People were an important part of their own local community. The service encouraged integration within the community, with volunteer and apprenticeships posts offered to external people.

The provider valued and embraced diversity and equality, which included their approach to their own workforce.

The service was managed by a registered manager who was extremely experienced in social care, and respected by staff, families and external professionals. The registered manager and the management team ensured the service was exceptionally well-led and delivered care and support to people and their families that was responsive and caring in all ways. The registered manager and the staff team were committed to ensuring they offered people the very best care possible and that people and their relatives were as involved as possible in running the service. The quality of care the service provided was constantly assessed, reviewed and improved by the provider and registered manager. The group “Friends of West Oaks”, sought to offer continuous guidance and support to the development of the home.

The service was exceptionally responsive and strove to meet people’s continuously changing needs, wishes and lifestyle choices. It was extremely flexible and readily adapted to meet people’s, diverse and complex needs. It was very person-centred and people were seen and responded to as individuals. Activity programmes were creative and designed to meet people’s preferences and choices. Menus were created to offer a diverse and healthy diet. Care planning was individualised and regularly reviewed ensuring people’s needs were met continuously. The management and staff strove to keep people at the heart of the service.

A well-trained and knowledgeable staff team remained able to offer people effective care. They met people’s diverse needs. Care plans were kept up to date ensuring people’s current and changing health and emotional well-being needs were documented and as far as possible met. The service worked very closely with health and other professionals to ensure they offered individuals the best care in the most effective manner, within a highly responsive timeframe. Feedback provided to us by healthcare professionals about the care and support provided was extremely and consistently positive.

People continued to be supported by good staffing ratios, which were reviewed and increased as required. The management supported staff and assisted people on a daily basis, with their presence on the units. Staff were able to meet people’s specific needs safely. Robust recruitment systems were implemented to ensure as far as possible, that staff were safe and suitable to work. People were supported to take their medicines correctly by trained and competent nurses who were encouraged to maintain and develop their professional competence.

People were pro

Inspection areas



Updated 8 December 2018

The service remained safe.

Risks were appropriately assessed, and appropriate action taken to mitigate risk where appropriate.

Robust recruitment processes ensured staff were safe to work with people.

Sufficient staff were deployed to ensure people were able to safely maintain their independence.

Medicines were managed safely.



Updated 8 December 2018

The service remained effective.

People were supported by staff who underwent a comprehensive induction and training programme. This enhanced their knowledge and delivery of effective are.

Staff received regular supervision and support from the management team.

People were assisted to eat and drink sufficient and in healthy quantities.

The service worked well an in partnership with external agencies, ensuring support was always sought within a timely manner.

People's ability to make decisions and choice was always respected, with the service ensuring they worked in line with the Mental Capacity Act.



Updated 8 December 2018

The service remained caring.

People were treated with respect and dignity. Consent was sought prior to any assistance being offered.

People were encouraged to remain independent and were motivated to remain involved in how they received care.

Staff spoke to people with respect, and maintained their confidentiality whilst speak with them, and in records maintained.



Updated 8 December 2018

The service was now rated outstanding.

The service was extremely person centred and focused on continuously meeting people's wishes and assisting them in achieving aspirations.

The service took appropriate measures to improve people's communication with relatives and trips home to boost confidence.

The service involved relatives, professionals and people in all reviews, and developed a healthy link enabling them to assist within the home.

Care plans were responsive to people's changing needs, with staff updating these as soon as required.

A robust complaints procedure was in place and made readily available to people. All complaints were appropriately investigated.



Updated 8 December 2018

The service was now rated outstanding.

The registered manager and management team worked exceptionally well to ensure staff followed the service's vision. They made certain care was delivered to a high standard, and all staff shared the working ethos.

Staff spoke highly of the management team. They found them approachable, open and said they were a continuous presence at the home.

The registered manager worked very well to achieve inclusivity. He developed community based initiatives that not only benefitted the home but also offered a programme of assistance to others.

The service carried out extremely comprehensive governance that was responsive to people�s needs and managed any changes effectively.

Quality audits were completed regularly and feedback sought from people, relatives, professionals and staff to shape how the service moving forward.

The service had developed very good links with external professionals and sought their guidance as and when required.