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Inspection Summary

Overall summary & rating


Updated 14 December 2019

About the service:

Marriott House and Lodge is a care home registered to provide nursing and residential care and accommodation for 119 people with various health conditions, including dementia and sensory impairment. There were 84 people living at the service on the day of our inspection. Marriott House and Lodge is a large converted care home located in Chichester, West Sussex.

People’s experience of using this service:

People were happy with the care they received, felt relaxed with staff and told us they were treated with kindness. They said they felt safe, were well supported and there were sufficient staff to care for them.

Our own observations supported this, and we saw friendly relationships had developed between people and staff. A relative told us, “They are very respectful. They ensure [my relative’s] dignity and wishes are adhered to”.

People enjoyed an independent lifestyle and told us their choices and needs were met. They enjoyed the food, drink and activities that took place daily. One person told us, “If there’s a singalong, I join in. There’s a mini bus that takes us to a school, we sit in with the class and get on with the children, and you can use the garden”.

People felt the service was well presented and welcoming to them and their visitors. A relative told us, “[My relative] came straight from the hospital. They are very welcoming, and it has all worked out for her”.

People told us they thought the service was well managed and they enjoyed living there. One person told us, “The staff are happy. There’s a very happy atmosphere”.

Staff had received training considered essential by the provider. It was clear from observing the care delivered and the feedback people and staff gave us, that they knew the best way to care for people in line with their needs and preferences. A member of staff told us, “I’m up to date with training, it happens regularly”.

People were supported to have maximum choice and control of their lives and staff supported them in the least restrictive way possible and in their best interests; the policies and systems in the service supported this practice.

The provider had systems of quality assurance to measure and monitor the standard of the service and drive improvement. These systems also supported people to stay safe by assessing and mitigating risks, ensuring that people were cared for in a person-centred way and that the provider learned from any mistakes. Our own observations and the feedback we received supported this. People received high quality care that met their needs and improved their wellbeing from dedicated and enthusiastic staff. A member of staff said, “The residents are amazing, we get to know them, and they get to know us which is important too”.

For more details, please see the full report which is on the CQC website at

Rating at last inspection: Requires Improvement (report published 12 December 2018).

Why we inspected: This was a planned inspection based on the previous rating.

Follow up: We will continue to monitor the intelligence we receive about this home and plan to inspect in line with our re-inspection schedule for those services rated Good. If we receive any concerning information we may inspect sooner.

Inspection areas



Updated 14 December 2019

The service was safe and had improved to good.

Details are in our Safe findings below.



Updated 14 December 2019

The service remained effective.

Details are in our Effective findings below.



Updated 14 December 2019

The service remained caring.

Details are in our Caring findings below.



Updated 14 December 2019

The service remained responsive.

Details are in our Responsive findings below.



Updated 14 December 2019

The service was well-led and had improved to good.

Details are in our Well-Led findings below.