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Christchurch Road, Virginia Water, Surrey, GU25 4BE (01344) 843777

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Sunrise Operations V.W. Limited

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30 November 2016

During a routine inspection

Sunrise Operations V.W Limited is a care home providing accommodation and personal care for up to 92 older people, some who may also be living with dementia. There were 68 people living in the home at the time of our inspection. The home is laid out over three floors, with one floor currently closed for refurbishment. The lower ground floor provided specialist support to people living with a dementia type illness.

The inspection took place on 30 November 2016 and was unannounced.

The home had a registered manager. A registered manager is a person who has registered with the Care Quality Commission to manage the service. Like registered providers, they are ‘registered persons’. Registered persons have legal responsibility for meeting the requirements in the Health and Social Care Act 2008 and associated Regulations about how the service is run.

The service was last inspected on 4 February 2014, where we identified breaches in the regulations in relation to staffing and record keeping. Following that inspection, the provider wrote to us to tell us the action they had taken to address the concerns raised. This inspection found that the provider had made the improvements they told us they had and the previous requirements were therefore met. No new breaches of Regulations were identified as a result of this inspection.

Sunrise Virginia Water was well-led with good systems in place to provide support that was safe, effective, caring and responsive. The leadership team had fostered a positive and open culture where people, their representatives and staff were encouraged to express their ideas and thoughts. As such, the atmosphere within the service was relaxed, friendly and inclusive.

Each person was appropriately assessed and had an individualised plan of care which outlined how their needs would be met. People were involved at each stage of planning their care to ensure staff provided support in a way that met their needs, preferences and expectations.

There were systems in place to gain consent from people and staff understood the importance of involving people in their care and respecting their wishes. Not all staff however, were able to demonstrate they knew about the principles of the Mental Capacity Act and as the service provides support to a significant number of people living with dementia, this is an important area for the provider to further develop.

The service was well staffed by suitable and well trained individuals who were able to deliver support to people in a safe and effective way. Appropriate checks were undertaken when recruiting new staff to ensure only suitable staff were employed.

The service had overall good systems to identify and manage risks to people and to maintain the safety of the service as a whole. People were further protected from the risk of abuse or avoidable harm, because staff understood their role in safeguarding them.

Staff worked in partnership with other health care professionals to help keep people healthy and well. There were good systems in place to ensure people received their medicines as prescribed.

The provision of plentiful good quality meals and drinks and the monitoring of people at risk meant that people received appropriate nutrition and hydration. Furthermore, mealtimes were a sociable occasion which people enjoyed.

Staff treated people with dignity and respect. Support was provided with compassion and wherever possible people’s independence was promoted. People had choice and control over their lives and staff respected their privacy. Visitors were welcomed into the home at all times and people were encouraged to lead their lives as they wished.

The service offered an extensive range of activities and was constantly striving for new ways of engaging people and providing them with opportunities which were meaningful and interesting to them.

The management team continuously reviewed and monitored the quality and safety of the service and responded openly and proactively to any feedback received.

4 February 2014

During a themed inspection looking at Dementia Services

We undertook a visit to Sunrise Senior Living as part of a themed inspection programme to look at the quality of dementia care. Our inspection focussed on two floors only - Terrace floor and Garden floor. We did not inspect the assisted living floors during our inspection.

As part of our inspection we spoke with 10 people who lived in the home, two visitors, one healthcare professional and five staff, as well as the registered manager. We also left comments cards for people to let us know about their views on the home. We received five completed cards.

We were accompanied in our inspection by an expert by experience as well as a specialist adviser. We observed the care that people received and spoke to people, relatives and staff. We also reviewed six care plans and people's associated records in depth of people who lived in Sunrise who had dementia.

People that we spoke with told us that staff treated them well and knew their individual preferences, care and treatment needs. One person told us the staff were "Wonderful."

Some of the people who lived in the home did not have the ability to make decisions about

their care, but the relatives we spoke with undertook decisions on the family member's


As part of our themed inspection, we looked at what arrangements were in place for people to access other health care. We were told by one relative that the home called upon local doctors and community nurses to attend to the people who lived at Sunrise whenever needed.

We found by speaking to staff, observation and looking at records, that there were not always the minimum number of staff on duty.

The manager told us that they regularly assessed the quality of the service they provided.

This was done by speaking to people or their relatives and carrying out an annual family satisfaction survey.

We found that the records for some of the people who used the service were not comprehensive. This would make a difficult for a new member of staff to establish the needs of a person.

21 March 2013

During a routine inspection

During the visit, we spoke with one person who used the service and the relative of another person using the service. They told us the staff kept them involved and discussed any changes to their care with them on a regular basis.

The people we spoke with told us they were happy with the care they received. They told us the home provided care to a very good standard and that the staff were friendly and helpful. They also told us they had no concerns with their medication and felt they were well supported by the staff.

The people we spoke with told us they were happy with the staff and felt there were enough staff at the home. They told us that they had no concerns about the care they received. They told us that if they had any concerns or complaints, they would speak to the manager. The relative of a person using the service told us they had previously raised a concern about a member of staff and this was addressed appropriately by the provider.

10, 11 January 2011

During a routine inspection

We spoke to people who use the service and several visitors to the home over the two days of our visit.

Most confirmed that they had received enough information regarding the home to make an informed choice about living there. That they had been visited prior to coming to the home to live, and there care needs had been fully assessed.

People said that they felt the way in which they receive support showed staff respected their choices. That consent was obtained before care was given. Staff always explain what they plan to do and ask if this is acceptable first. However some people told us they were not aware of their care plan and they had not been asked to sign this to indicate they agreed with the care to be provided. People were all positive about the care and support they received, although they were very concerned about the call alarm system. They told us that staff do not respond quickly to the call alarm.

People told us about the activity programme which is well advertised with in the home. They have entertainers come into the home, as well as a wide range of activities. Outings are also a regular feature all of which are arranged and supported by staff at the home.

The menu offers choices on a daily basis and alternatives that are also available if the day's menu is not liked. Most people said that the meals were acceptable and had improved in quality more recently. One person stated however they had not had help with eating even though they found it tiring and very painful.

People told us they have monthly meetings about the way the home is run, they discuss the menus, the activities and any ideas they may have for improvements.

We were told that the home is always kept clean and bins in their rooms are emptied daily. Visitors also commented the home always smelt fresh and was kept very clean.

People said they were happy to complain if they were not happy about the service they received at the home. They gave examples of where staff had acted quickly to rectify any problems they had raised.

People said Sunrise Virginia Water is very comfortable. They commented that their rooms suit their needs and they all have en-suite facilities. There are plenty of places to sit around the home and communal areas are a good place to meet people and socialise. There is a bistro area where they can make themselves and visitors a drink if they wish. One person said it is like a good quality hotel with the way it was set out and had good quality furnishings.