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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 24 November 2010
Date of Publication: 28 February 2011
Inspection Report published 28 February 2011 PDF


Inspection carried out on 24 November 2010

During an inspection in response to concerns

People we met told us that staff always treated them well and listened to what they had to say. Comments included, �they look after us well here�, �the staff are good and kind� and �I like it here�.

With regard to the food and drink that people are given, comments included the �foods very good�, �sometimes in the evening we get sandwiches, but not often and not when it�s cold� and the �food is alright�.

People told us that usually there are enough members of staff on duty. People also told us about the new activities co-ordinator, who they were positive about. One person who lives in the home was able to tell us how they are able to go out whenever they want to, usually to the shops.

Finally, we were reassured by the comments made by the deputy manager that acknowledged the improvements that had been made to the service. In addition, there remained a commitment to the home and to its continued development as a service.