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Archived: Lincolnshire Social Services (Horncastle)

Holmleigh, Foundry Street, Horncastle, Lincolnshire, LN9 6AQ (01522) 554644

Provided and run by:
Lincolnshire County Council

All Inspections

17 January 2014

During a routine inspection

We spoke with people who used the service and their relatives. The people we spoke with were very positive about the service. One person said they 'Could not have managed without the service and they had been treated with respect by everyone'. They said they had, 'Not felt one iota of embarrassment about receiving help'.

Another person who had used the service told us, I was treated very well and asked my preferences beforehand. Another person said, 'They asked me if they had done things as I liked nearly every visit'. They said they, 'Weren't sure at first and didn't like people coming into their house but it was better when they got to know the care staff'.

We found care plans were in place which took account of people's needs and preferences.

People who used the service spoke very highly about the staff who provided the service. Staff told us they felt well supported by their managers. Staff had attended many training courses over the years however training was not up to date and staff had not been appraised recently. The service was undergoing significant change and we found there was some uncertainty amongst staff.

An evaluation of the independent living and re-ablement pilot had been undertaken. This had looked at the quality of the service including the views of the people who used it. The report had recommended the service continued and was expanded. The report also described how the quality of the service should be monitored in future.

13 March 2013

During a routine inspection

People told us they were involved in creating and reviewing their care plans. One person said, 'They were very good at explaining the care to me and we have regular talks about it when they come to review it.'

Care plans were written in a way that promoted the individual's choice and independence. They gave clear guidance for care workers on how the care and support should be given.

Each person's care was reviewed by a care co-ordinator weekly. If the care package needed to be modified to involve health professionals as well as care professionals, and vice versa, this was achieved quickly because of the integrated nature of the support team. We saw records which supported this.

The manager told us people were never left without care because of staff sickness or leave. The high staff to person ratio meant staff could be re-assigned quickly if necessary. We were shown how this worked in practice.

We saw the service's current complaints procedure which was contained in people's information packs. We noted the service had a complaints log which detailed any resulting actions and who was responsible for them.

16 January 2012

During a routine inspection

The people we spoke with said they were happy with the care and support they received and felt it was delivered in a safe way. They told us staff offered them choice and respected their opinions while encouraging them to be as independent as possible. They said staff had asked them how they wanted things doing and had provided their care in the way they prefered it delivering. One person said, 'They always encourage me to be as independent as possible. This morning I managed to get up and washed but yesterday I couldn't do a thing, they help me more on days like that.' A relative told us, 'They give him plenty of time and support, he has dementia and so they don't rush him.'

The people we spoke with said staff were caring, supportive and helpful. They told us how they listened to them and said they were competent in their work. One person told us, 'They (staff) are absolutely fantastic, very competent and they motivate me and give me time on bad days.' They added that staff were always well presented and wore protective clothing such as gloves and aprons when necessary. Another person told us, 'They are very nice I can't fault them. They seem well trained and know what they are doing.'

People raised no concerns about the support they received and confirmed they were asked if they were satisfied with the service provided. When we asked if there was anything they would like to improve no-one could not think of anything they wanted to change. One person said they found the staff in the office very professional and helpful. They added, 'They phone up and ask if I am satisfied and check if I am okay.'