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Archived: Allied Healthcare - Plymouth


Inspection carried out on 4 November 2013

During a routine inspection

We arranged our visit two days prior to the inspection to ensure arrangements could be made for us to talk with people and staff.

The wife of a person receiving care told us that �someone came out and told us what to expect, the services that were available and asked what we wanted. We are treated respectfully and my husband is encouraged to do as much as he can, they help him when needed�.

Another person told us that the service was �very good indeed, they are lovely men and women I haven�t had a grumble since I started with them. They are very nice people I look forward to seeing them. They treat me respectfully; they are very polite to me and listen to what I have to say. They have the time to do what needs to be done and know what I require�.

We spoke with four care staff who had worked for the organisation from between eleven months and eight years. All staff told us they received safeguarding adults training and were able to tell us the possible signs of abuse and action to take if they suspected abuse.

Staff we spoke with told us that they felt well supported and received regular supervision and an annual appraisal. One member of staff told us that they had �access to training that was second to none�.

The organisation had a comprehensive computer based information system that helped to ensure consistency of care and monitor quality. One person told us that they had �complained about a carer being late and this had not happened since�.

Inspection carried out on 10 January 2013

During a routine inspection

People told us they were �very satisfied� with the service provide by Allied Healthcare � Plymouth. They felt well informed and felt able to approach the agency if they had any questions or concerns.

We saw from care records we looked at that people had been asked if they agreed with their care plans and risk assessments. The care plans and risk assessments were detailed and directed staff in how to care and support people. We saw that the records were regularly reviewed and updated and were stored appropriately once removed from a persons own home.

The care records we looked at contained detailed information relating to medicines management. We saw there was a robust system of auditing medication records once they had been returned to the office. This meant that people could be assured that their medicines were being managed in a safe and appropriate way.

We were told there were enough staff to meet the current visits the agency had been asked to do. The registered manager told us they were recruiting more staff to meet increased demand for their services. We were told staff had a one week face to face induction before they were allowed to shadow experienced care workers or nurses for a period of time.

We saw there was ongoing training and robust systems in place to ensure the staff were able to carry out their role.

Inspection carried out on 5 March 2012

During a routine inspection

We spoke with four people who used the service and two relatives. Everyone we spoke with thought that staff were professional, skilled, polite and respectful. One person said �I look forward to their visits.� All of the people and relatives we spoke with were complimentary about the care and support they received and appreciated regular staff. One person said �They know what I need, but they don�t take over.� A relative said �They have made a huge difference to my existence.�

People appreciated that staff promoted independence. One person said �I like that they encourage me to do as much as possible for myself� whilst another said �they are very discreet when they care for me and even share excitement when I make progress.�

The people and relatives we spoke with commented on the professionalism and attitude of staff. One person said �You get what is expected; they arrive on time, do what is expected and leave the place spick and span.�

We were told that requests for special instructions had been respected.

The people and relatives we spoke with said they felt safe when staff were in their homes. One person said �I feel safer with them here.� A parent said their child was �always relaxed when the staff are here� and added that this was �sign they are happy.�

People said they felt able to express their views about the service. Relatives and people who use the service told us that the manager or a member of staff came to their home to �check in, and talk about their care and see if everything is OK.� Other people said they had received a questionnaire and another person said they had received a recent phone call.