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Archived: Allied Healthcare Peterborough

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Inspection carried out on 24 October 2013

During a routine inspection

We reviewed seven people's care records. We saw that people were supported to provide agreement to their care where this was required. Staff training and understanding of people's capacity to provide a valid consent meant that people were only provided with care and support that they had agreed to.

Reviews of people's care plans and records evidenced to us that people's care was based upon their assessed needs. We saw that regular reviews had been completed and that this was based on the health risks that each person had. People we spoke with confirmed to us that staff always treated them with dignity and respect. People were supported with their independence but only where this was safe to do so.

Medicines administration records (MAR) that we looked at were found to have been mostly completed without error or omission. Staff training in medicines administration meant that people were safely support to take their prescribed medication.

The records we reviewed demonstrated to us that the provider regularly sought the views of people who use the service. We also saw where, following accidents or incidents that appropriate action had been taken to prevent any reoccurrence. However, audits completed by the provider for the recording of the safe administration of three out of seven people's medication were not effective. Gaps in people's medication records were not explained and incorrect codes used for recording medication administration were not identified.

Inspection carried out on 5 November 2012

During a routine inspection

During our inspection on the 5 November 2012 we reviewed four people's care plans and found that people had been given choices for things such as what name they wished to be called or what time they wanted care to be provided.

We also spoke with people who used the service and one of them told us "The carers are a really great bunch they are so good at looking after me".

Another person said, "Although I have never had to complain, sometimes the carers are over half an hour late so I ring the office". The same person also told us that there was always a satisfactory explanation as to why the care was delivered late".

We were also told by one person, "My relative recently became quite unwell; the service recognised this and immediately called in a health care professional to address their health condition; I can't fault them".

We reviewed staff training and found that of the four staff files we looked at, all staff had recently completed safeguarding training and knew how to report abuse. Staff who we spoke with were able to describe the different forms of abuse which vulnerable people needed protection from.

We found that the service maintained accurate records that were kept securely and were easily located.