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Archived: Laetus Lodge Good


Inspection carried out on 18 October 2017

During a routine inspection

Laetus Lodge is a care home providing care for nine people with learning disabilities. It is located in Tooting, South West London and is close to local amenities and good transport links. At the time of the inspection, the home was fully occupied.

At the last inspection, the service was rated Good.

At this inspection we found the service remained Good.

There was a manager at the service who was applying for the post of registered manager. A registered manager is a person who has registered with the Care Quality Commission to manage the service. Like registered providers, they are 'registered persons'. Registered persons have legal responsibility for meeting the requirements in the Health and Social Care Act 2008 and associated Regulations about how the service is run.

People told us that staff were friendly and they liked living at the home. People led independent lives and were supported by staff to make breakfast, snacks and get involved in doing things for themselves around the home. Some people lived in their own flats.

People are supported to have maximum choice and control of their lives and staff supported them in the least restrictive way possible; the policies and systems in the service supported this practice. People were able to access and take part in a number of activities in the community, for example going to the gym, gardening and shopping.

People were supported by staff to take their medicines. Medicine charts were completed appropriately and regular audits took place to ensure that people received their medicines in a safe manner. People’s healthcare needs were met by the provider.

Staff recruitment procedures were robust and staff were provided with regular training and supervision. We found there were enough staff on shift to meet people’s needs. Some people needed staff support when going out into the community and they were enough staff to meet their needs.

The provider had recently changed their risk assessments and care plans to make them more detailed and person centred. Risk to people were effectively captured and the steps that staff needed to take to manage and minimise the risk were recorded. Staff were familiar with the risk to people and how they would support them.

The provider recorded both informal and formal complaints and took action to resolve them to the satisfaction of the complainants. Regular meetings were held where people were able to have a say into how they were feeling and their experience in the home.

Staff told us they felt supported and enjoyed working at the home. A number of quality assurance checks and audits took place which the provider used to monitor the quality of service and make improvements. These included monthly checks on the records, including care plans, medicine charts and risk assessments.

Inspection carried out on 17 July 2014

During a routine inspection

We carried out this inspection under Section 60 of the Health and Social Care Act 2008 as part of our regulatory functions. This inspection was planned to check whether the provider is meeting the legal requirements and regulations associated with the Health and Social Care Act 2008, and to provide a rating for the service under the Care Act 2014.  No concerns had been raised and the service met the regulations we inspected against at their last inspection which took place on 02 September 2013.

There was a registered manager at the service at the time of our inspection.  A registered manager is a person who has registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to manage the service and has the legal responsibility for meeting the requirements of the law; as does the provider. The inspection was unannounced.

Laetus Lodge is a care home providing care for eight people with learning disabilities. It is located in Tooting, South West London and is close to local amenities and good transport links. The provider has two other homes in the same locality.

People told us they felt safe living at the home and that they had the freedom to go out when they wanted. Staff supported people to manage risks when they were out in the community which helped to ensure their safety.

There were enough staff available to support people if they needed to attend appointments or go out in the community. Staff told us that they felt supported by the manager and senior staff. They completed training which helped them to carry out their jobs.

People received excellent support, both from staff at the home who managed their day to day needs and also from healthcare professionals based in the community. The provider had established good links with these community professionals which included community learning disability teams, psychiatrist and psychologists which helped people in enhancing their physical and mental health.

There was a relaxed atmosphere at the home. Staff had established positive relationships with people using the service and people were supported to maintain their relationships with family and friends. People were supported to pursue their own individual activities and interests, with the support of staff if required.

The home was well run, which in part was due to the manager being in post for a long time and there being very little staff turnover. The manager had identified some areas of improvement around involving people and in getting feedback which the provider hoped to action in the future.

Inspection carried out on 2 September 2013

During a routine inspection

We spoke with two people using the service and observed people interacting with staff during our visit. People told us they enjoyed living at the home and were encouraged to live independently. They told us that staff respected them. We saw staff helping people to lead more independent lives by encouraging them to go to the bank and to the shops. They did this in a friendly and polite manner.

We looked at two care plans during our visit. These were person centered and reviewed regularly. We saw evidence that other healthcare professionals had contributed to the care plans.

Staff told us they received regular supervision every two months from the manager and records seen confirmed this. Comments from people who use the service included "the staff are good here" and "the staff look after me". Staff spoken to told us that they attended mandatory training including safeguarding, medication, autism and working with challenging behaviour. Certificates of training were seen on three staff files we looked at.

We looked at a number of records during our visit, including care plans, staff files, health and safety records and training certificates. Records were kept securely and could be located promptly when needed. Confidential records were kept in a locked cabinet in the manager's office. Financial records and medication were kept in separate locked cupboards.

Inspection carried out on 27 February 2013

During a routine inspection

People using their service, and their relatives were positive about the care and supported provided at the home. People told us "they couldn't be in a better place" and "I am happy here". We saw that staff spoke with people in a friendly, relaxed manner.

We looked at five care plans of people using the service. We saw evidence that people had given their consent and agreed to the treatment and support that was provided to them. We spoke with a community support worker who told us that "people are encouraged to get involved in their care plans".

The support plans and risk assessments were reviewed once a year. Care plan review meetings were multi disciplinary team meetings. We spoke with a staff member who told us "if any concerns are identified then we work together as part of a network".

The building was well maintained and well lit. All corridors, reception area and stairs were clean and free from storage or trip hazards. Regular checks were carried out to make sure the premises were safe.

Staff files contained the original application forms and copies of any qualification certificates of people. We also saw written references from previous employers.

Some of the records relating to staff files and management of the service were incomplete and could not be located during our visit.

Inspection carried out on 28 March 2012

During a routine inspection

People told us they enjoyed living at Laetus Lodge and were happy there. They stated that they got on well with staff and they felt their needs were sufficiently met. They were pleased that there was enough to do in the local area and staff supported them to attend activities outside the home when it was required.