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Franklyn Lodge The Farm House Good

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Updated 8 January 2020

About the service

Franklyn Lodge -The Farm House is a care home registered to provide accommodation and support with personal care for six people with learning disabilities and complex needs. At the time of this inspection, six people lived in the home.

People’s experience of using this service and what we found

People in the home had learning disabilities and could not always communicate with us and tell us what they thought about the home. We therefore spent time on the inspection observing the experience of people and their care. We also observed how staff interacted with people and the support they provided. We noted that people appeared at ease when in the presence of staff. Staff were patient and respectful when interacting and supporting with people and there was a relaxed atmosphere in the home.

People received person centred care which was responsive to their needs. Staff understood how to manage any risks to people and knew the processes to follow to manage any allegations of abuse. Care records provided detailed information about people's needs and preferences.

We checked the arrangements in place in respect of medicines. Care workers had received medicines management training and policies and procedures were in place. Medicines Administration Records (MARs) we looked at were completed with no unexplained gaps indicating people received medicines as prescribed.

Some people in the home required support with their finances. However, we noted there was no documented evidence that audits were carried out on people’s finances. We have made a recommendation in respect of this.

Appropriate fire safety arrangements were in place.

Staff had the time to ensure they met people's needs safely, and in a way that suited them. People received care from a small team of staff who were well supported by the registered manager. Staff worked well together and told us they communicated well within the home.

On the day of the inspection, we noted that the living room was in the process of being renovated. After the inspection, the registered manager sent us evidence of the completed renovations. We however noted that the ground floor communal bathroom was still in need of renovation.

People were supported to have maximum choice and control of their lives and staff supported them in the least restrictive way possible. The policies and systems in the home supported this practice. People were involved in making decisions about their care and support. Staff supported people to express their views and they consulted them about all aspects of their care through regular key worker sessions and resident’s meetings.

The registered manager and staff were caring and provided people's care in a person-centred way. Staff were friendly, and treated people with respect. People's care plans were detailed and provided staff with comprehensive guidance on how to meet people's needs.

The majority of staff had completed appropriate training. Where training was outstanding, the registered manager assured us that this would be completed. Staff spoke positively about their experiences working at the home and said that they received support from management. Teamwork was effective in the home.

Staff supported people to have a healthy and nutritious diet that was in line with their individual dietary needs and preferences. People and relatives spoke positively about the meals provided in the home.

People and their relatives’ involvement in decision-making about the care provided was encouraged by staff and management. People’s care plans supported a person-centred approach. People had support to lead lifestyles of their choosing, access the local community and participate in recreational activities.

An appropriate complaints procedure was in place. We noted that since the last inspection, the service had not received any complaints.

People benefitted from a service that had an open and inclusive culture. The home was managed effectiv

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Requires improvement

Updated 8 January 2020

The service was not always safe.

Details are in our safe findings below.



Updated 8 January 2020

The service was effective.

Details are in our effective findings below.



Updated 8 January 2020

The service was caring.

Details are in our caring findings below.



Updated 8 January 2020

The service was responsive.

Details are in our responsive findings below.



Updated 8 January 2020

The service was well-led.

Details are in our well-led findings below.