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Archived: Autism Wessex-Community Support Service East

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Inspection carried out on 5, 6 February 2013

During a routine inspection

At the time of our inspection two managers were on our records as being registered. One manager had left and the service was being managed by Ms Pattison.

Prior to our visit we received anonymous concerns about staffing, support provided and training given. We therefore looked at these areas as part of our inspection. We did not find any evidence during our inspection to indicate that these issues were ongoing.

The manager reported to us that they had been made aware of similar concerns in the last two months. The manager had been working with the local authority and people using the service to resolve any issues. The manager showed us records which evidenced actions taken, for example supervision sessions.

People were treated with respect and their needs and wishes were taken into account when support was provided. People were supported to develop and maintain independent living skills. Suitable risk assessments had been carried out to ensure people were kept safe, but these did not restrict people in their choice of activity.

People's assessments and care plans had been developed with the person or their representative. The plans included details on how the person wanted to be supported and by whom.

Staff were recruited safely and provided with training and supervision to carry out their role. People were protected from abuse by safeguarding procedures in place.

People and their representative's views were listened to and acted upon.