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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 16 August 2012
Date of Publication: 11 September 2012
Inspection Report published 11 September 2012 PDF


Inspection carried out on 16 August 2012

During a routine inspection

As part of our inspection on this service we spoke to three people using the service, five members of staff working at the service and the relatives of two people using the service.

The people using the service we spoke to were generally happy with the care they received at the home. They commented that they enjoyed the food provided at the home. One person using the service told us that there was not sufficient staff on to meet people�s needs, stating that, �It is chaotic at lunch-times. There is not enough staff on. Definitely not.� Another person using the service told us, �There are not a lot of activities but I do get plenty to eat and drink.�

We spoke to relatives of people using the service. One relative was concerned that clothes were being given to the wrong people. The relative commented that, �The home is very good. The only complaint is that the laundry is confused. We often find her wearing other people�s clothes. She sometimes comes out and doesn�t look like herself. We buy new clothes and don�t see them again.� Another relative we spoke to told us, �I think for the girl�s sake they could do with more staff.�

Staff working at the service told us that they struggled at times to meet people�s needs. One staff member told us, �There are not enough staff on to meet people�s needs. We�ve not had a coffee or lunch-break today.� Another staff member commented, �I personally don�t think there are enough staff on.� Staff did tell us that they felt supported by the management at the home and felt they would address issues if needed.