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Archived: Belton Lodge Nursing Home


Inspection carried out on 27 September 2011

During an inspection in response to concerns

We had limited opportunity to discuss people�s experiences with them due to the number of people using the service who were awake and willing to talk with us during our visit. However we were told, �They always ask (when providing assistance). They wanted me to try something, but I didn�t want to so I didn�t. I don�t have to do I?�

We asked people if they felt the care they received was appropriate to their age and gender and they said that it was.

During the visit we saw people using different areas of the home. We saw some people sat in the garden enjoying the warm weather. One person said, �I like the heat.�

We spoke to one person about whether they felt safe in the home and they said they did. They also told us, �I am a nervous person, they (the staff) do their best to comfort me�.

Inspection carried out on 7, 8 March 2011

During an inspection looking at part of the service

A person who uses the service told us, �I can do what I am able to, it is up to me when I have my television on�.

We were told by people who use the service that they are happy with how they are looked after and we were also told that they felt safe in the home.

People can choose where they eat their meals, and they are provided with a choice of dish. People were pleased to hear they were having pancakes later and one person who uses the service said, �The food is good, I can ask for something different if I want�.

Inspection carried out on 8 October and 11 November 2010

During a routine inspection

We spoke with some of the people who use the service at Belton Lodge and some relatives during the course of our visit to the service on 11/11/2010.

We received positive comments from people about how they felt respected and involved, one person told us that staff help her choose what to wear in the morning and that "I have help getting dressed�.

A visitor said their relative could not see very well so was not able to make the choice of what clothes to wear, so staff had to decide for her. There was information in the care plan about what sort of clothes the person who uses the service liked to wear.

Another relative said that the person who uses the service is not able to say what she wants, but staff know her and treat her accordingly.

Staff were seen taking one person�s glasses to clean them, and another person told us, �They always make sure my glasses are clean�.

One lady showed her painted nails which had been done by staff recently and said the hairdresser comes to do her hair every week. Another person told us her daughter arranges for her hairdresser to come and do her hair.

We spoke to two people who use the service about their care. Both said they were satisfied with the care they receive. One person told us she was happy in the home and said, �The care is ok, it depends who is on.�

Another person told us, �I can go back to my room if I want�, and went on to say she has to be careful when walking as she had a fallen over. � The staff do however keep an eye on me when I am on my own� and went on to say "I have to be reminded I can't stand or walk without assistance."

During our visit a visitor told us they were happy with the care their relative receives. They said if they were not happy they would move them.

We asked people using the service what they thought about the food and they told us, �The food is ok", "There is an alternative choice if we want it� and "I enjoy the food, I have no complaints about it�.

We were also told by people who use the service they felt safe living in the home and that medication is given when it is needed.

Another person who uses the service told us, �My clothes are kept clean, no problems there�. A visitor said they do most of their relative�s laundry but some is done in the home, which they are quite happy with.

We asked a person if she was happy with how she is helped to move and she replied that she was.

A relative commented that she was very happy with how her relative is looked after. People who use the service told us they have no complaints or grumbles.

Reports under our old system of regulation (including those from before CQC was created)