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Inspection Summary

Overall summary & rating


Updated 1 April 2019

This announced inspection took place on 07, 13, 19 & 20 November 2018.

This service is a domiciliary care agency. It provides personal care to people living in their own houses and flats in the community. Burrowbeck Community Care provides a service to older adults, people living with dementia and people experiencing mental health conditions in Lancaster and Morecambe and surrounding areas.

At the last inspection carried out in March 2016, we rated the service good overall. At this inspection visit carried out in November 2018, the service remained good.

Since the last inspection visit the registered provider had worked to develop a person-centred culture. Staff told us the service had improved and staff were committed to providing person-centred care. People and relatives confirmed staff were empathetic and motivated to provide compassionate care. There was a continued emphasis on privacy, dignity and human rights.

People, relatives and health professionals told us the care provided was effective and people experienced positive outcomes. People received care which was regularly reviewed and support was based around good practice evidence.

We saw evidence that people were treated with dignity, care and compassion at the end of life. Emotional support to families extended after people had passed.

People praised the positive relationships they had developed with staff. Staff were repeatedly referred to as friends who had a made a difference in their lives. They told us staff often went above and beyond what was expected of them.

The registered provider understood the importance of addressing social isolation. They had worked hard since the last inspection visit to improve social activities for people at risk of loneliness and isolation.

The registered provider had continued to implement systems required to keep people safe. This included processes for managing medicines, safeguarding concerns and behaviours that are challenging to others.

Although risks were identified and staff were aware of individual risk, risks were not always clearly documented. We highlighted this to the registered manager who took swift action to rectify this.

When people required support with eating and drinking their dietary needs were considered and met by the registered provider.

People told us that on the whole staff were suitably deployed to meet their needs. Six of ten people told us they had experienced times when staff had been late or not turned up. We were told however, staff apologised or staff were deployed to ensure people did not go without a visit. Statistical data submitted to the local authority showed the provider was exceeding their responsibilities in ensuring staff were suitably deployed.

Training for staff was responsive and tailored to people’s individual care needs. Staff told us they were supported with continuous learning to ensure they had the correct skills to provide effective care.

The registered provider was responsive in seeking feedback from people and relatives to ensure people were happy with the service provided. People said they were happy with the ways in which complaints were managed and addressed.

Professionals told us the service was well managed. They praised the skills of the management team and their ability to provide an effective person-centred service. We were told Burrowbeck Community Care promoted independence to enable people to remain within their own homes.

The registered manager showed commitment and dedication to improving the services provided to people. Improvements within the service were based upon good practice guidance.

People were supported to have maximum choice and control of their lives and staff supported them in the least restrictive way possible; the policies and systems in the service supported this practice. Consent to care and treatment was actively sought.

Staff told us they enjoyed working at Burrowbeck Community Care. They told us communication and team mo

Inspection areas



Updated 1 April 2019

The service was safe.

People and their relatives told us people were safe.

Processes were embedded to ensure risks were managed to ensure the safety of people who used the service.

People said that overall, staff were reliable and suitably deployed to meet their needs.



Updated 1 April 2019

The service was effective.

The registered provider assessed people's care needs and delivered effective care and support by trained staff in line with good practice guidelines.

The registered provider obtained people's consent to the care and support they received when appropriate and did not restrict people unlawfully.



Updated 1 April 2019

The service was caring.

People and their relatives told us staff were kind, compassionate and caring.

People said they were treated with patience, dignity and respect.

The registered provider had systems to recognise the use of advocacy when people had no family and could not speak for themselves.



Updated 1 April 2019

The service was extremely responsive.

Staff worked innovatively and placed people at the centre of their care to ensure people were supported to have positive outcomes within their lives.

Service user voice was encouraged and welcomed.



Updated 1 April 2019

The service was well led.

Staff, relatives and professionals all agreed the service was well-led.

The registered provider was committed to providing high quality care and support to people using the service.