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Details of this locations CQC registration

Here you will find the list of services and areas where we, the Care Quality Commission, authorise and regulate this service to operate. If you think this service is operating services not listed here please contact us

Type of service
  • Residential homes
  • Caring for adults under 65 yrs
  • Caring for children (0 - 18yrs)
  • Learning disabilities
Local authority
  • County Durham

Regulated services/activities

CQC register Eastholme to carry out the following legally regulated services here:

Accommodation for persons who require nursing or personal care

  • Mr Gary Thompson is responsible for these services.
  • Mr Stuart Healer is the registered manager for these services at this location.
Terms of this registration relating to carrying out this regulated activity

The Registered Provider must not provide nursing care under accommodation for persons who require nursing or personal care at Eastholme.

Condition of registration: Location: Swanton Care & Community (Autism North)

Limited, Eastholme, Denehouse Road, Seaham County Durham, SR7 7BQ

The residential care service known as Eastholme has created a separate house called the Bungalow at the location. This is to be accessed by an already identified service user and will increase the number of people who can be accommodated at the location to 5.

If the service user’s placement fails or the Bungalow is no longer suitable, the Provider will immediately apply to vary the accommodation condition at Eastholme. This will ensure that the accommodation condition is decreased to 4 service users only. The provider will ensure this is done within the 4-week period after the ‘The Bungalow’ has been vacated.

Should the Provider want to increase the amount of service users again and include the use of the Bungalow at Eastholme, they will need to re-apply to the CQC to vary their accommodation condition.

The Registered Provider must only accommodate a maximum of 5 service users at Eastholme.