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Inspection Summary

Overall summary & rating


Updated 11 June 2019

About the service: Woodley Grange is a residential care home that was providing personal care to 40 people aged 65 and over, some who may be living with dementia at the time of our inspection.

People’s experience of using this service: People felt safe living at Woodley Grange and they were very much at the heart of the service. We received consistently positive feedback from people, their relatives and health professionals about the service. People received excellent care that was based around their individual needs and that ensured care was personalised and responsive.

Staff working at Woodley Grange understood people’s needs and supported people in an exceptionally personalised way. Care was provided respectfully and sensitively, taking into account people’s different needs.

Staff knew people well and were responsive to people's needs. People were able to choose what activities they took part in and suggest other activities they would like to complete. The impact this had on people was outstanding and had resulted in people living an active life with choice evident throughout.

Staff had developed positive and caring relationships with people and their families. Staff were highly motivated and demonstrated a commitment to providing the best quality care to people in an individualised and compassionate way. People’s privacy and dignity was maintained at all times.

People were cared for by a motivated and well-trained staff team, who always put people first. Staff had the knowledge and skills required to meet people’s needs.

People received outstanding end of life care by a team of staff that were passionate about providing high quality care during people’s final stages.

Relevant recruitment checks were conducted before staff started working at the service to make sure they were of good character and had the necessary skills. Staff had received training in safeguarding adults and knew how to identify, prevent and report abuse. There were enough staff to keep people safe.

The service developed and promoted opportunities for people to engage with their local community.

Regular audits of the service were carried out to assess and monitor the quality of the service. There were appropriate management arrangements in place.

Rating at last inspection: At the last inspection the service was rated as good. (Report published 09 November 2016).

Why we inspected: This was a planned inspection based on previous rating.

Follow up: We will follow up on this inspection as per our re-inspection programme, and through ongoing monitoring of information received about the service.

For more details, please see the full report which is on the CQC website at

Inspection areas



Updated 11 June 2019

The service was safe

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Updated 11 June 2019

The service was effective

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Updated 11 June 2019

The service was caring

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Updated 11 June 2019

The service was exceptionally responsive

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Updated 11 June 2019

The service was well-led

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