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Archived: Fun and Breaks (Chichester and Arun)

This service is now registered at a different address - see new profile


Inspection carried out on 12 December 2013

During a routine inspection

We spoke with three volunteers who worked in the service and the manager. We spoke with three parents of children with disabilities who use the service and reviewed six care plans. Parents we spoke with told us that they were asked for their consent to the care and treatment provided. We saw that the child or young person was involved in decisions about the service as far as possible and their rights and wishes were respected.

A parent told us "every child with a disability is different, our volunteer does everything to enter into their world rather than try and adapt them to theirs, they use a great deal of common sense". We found that care was delivered to meet the needs of the child and to support their families as described in their care plan and needs assessment. A parent said "I am very grateful for the service, as a mum and for my child as well - we look forward to seeing our volunteer and the special bond they have with our child".

We found that children were supported by volunteers who understood their responsibilities to safeguard their safety and welfare. Information was available so that volunteers and people who use the service knew who to contact if they had any concerns.

Volunteers were recruited following robust procedures to ensure they were suitable to work with children and were carefully matched with children and their families.

The provider had an effective system in place to assess and monitor the quality of the service provided.

Inspection carried out on 6 February 2013

During a routine inspection

We inspected the location and spoke with the manager. We also spoke with one parent and one volunteer.

The parent told us that it was a "really good service" and that the main benefit for her child was to have quality one-to-one time with someone who could help with reading or homework giving her time to concentrate on her other children.

Support needs, activities and hobbies were all recorded in support plans.

Volunteers were supported and trained to fulfill their function.

We saw that surveys and comments were very positive. One comment from a parent was "I was at my lowest when H became my volunteer and it was a wonderful help". A comment from a child was "B is kind and I like his family". This was accompanied with a happy picture.