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Updated 17 July 2019

About the service

Dystlegh Grange is a residential care home providing personal care to 29 people aged 65 and over at the time of the inspection. The home is registered for up to 40 people. Accommodation is provided in single suites which contain private kitchen facilities and en-suite bathrooms. 18 suites have separate lounge and dining areas. All suites have either balconies, outdoor space or Juliette balconies, enabling access to outdoor space or air.

People’s experience of using this service and what we found

Without exception, everyone we spoke to talked about the outstanding care and staff at Dystlegh Grange. Everyone was proud to live there and had actively chosen to move there. They felt a sense of purpose and led active and fulfilling lives due to the exceptional environment, support and approach of staff members. They felt in complete control of their care and able to contribute to the running of the home. Furthermore, they felt through some of the research that they were contributing to the care of the future. People’s experience was summed up by two people who said, “It is outstanding here. The standard of carers is the best thing” and “It’s like a five-star hotel. Excellent environment”.

Professionals also spoke extremely highly of the home and how the home was able to support people to have excellent outcomes. The exceptionally good record keeping enabled people to access primary healthcare services quickly and ensured excellent continuity of care and be supported until the end of their life extremely well in an individualised way.

Everything in the home was led by the people living there and staff saw their role as supporting people to live their life in a way they were happy with. One staff member summed it up, “Here is much more than a care home. It is a collection of people's individual homes.” Staff had excellent knowledge of people which enabled them to support people in highly individualised ways from finding activities which increased their emotional wellbeing, to encouraging mobility or supporting people with nutrition.

People felt very safe and that they were involved in all decisions within the home. They were supported to maintain their independence whilst being supported to take positive risks to live full and active lives. People had a say in the staff who worked in the home and who supported them.

Staff had access to excellent training. Champions had been identified to improve and build upon different areas of care by looking at best practice and how this could benefit people in the home. Both staff and people living in the home were champions. They had arranged helpful information sessions to people and sourced equipment, both of which had benefited people and their relatives.

The environment was designed to let in as much light as possible and connect people to one another and the external environment whilst providing space for privacy and quiet time. Suites were personalised and bespoke adaptions to suites were made to individual’s specifications either prior to them moving in or as their needs changed.

People were supported to have maximum choice and control of their lives and staff supported them in the least restrictive way possible and in their best interests; the policies and systems in the home supported this practice.

Strong relationships were formed between staff and people due to the continuity of staff and exceptionally caring approach of staff members. Everyone spoke of how staff went above and beyond to ensure that they were happy and comfortable in the home. One relative summed up many people’s comments. They said, “I am absolutely certain that my [relative] would not be here today if it was not for their excellent facilities, deep understanding of the needs of older people and true awareness of my [relative] as a person, this is supported by what I truly believe to be genuine friendship, which exceeds expectations.”

Activities were initiated and led by the peopl

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Updated 17 July 2019

The service was safe.

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Updated 17 July 2019

The service was exceptionally effective.

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Updated 17 July 2019

The service was exceptionally caring.

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Updated 17 July 2019

The service was exceptionally responsive.

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Updated 17 July 2019

The service was exceptionally well-led.

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