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Archived: Moss View Nursing Home

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Inspection carried out on 27 September 2012

During a routine inspection

We observed people were able to walk about freely in the home. Staff spoke to them respectfully and attended to personal care needs as required. People living in the home told us they were satisfied how staff treated them. There were no rules to follow and no rigid routines. They got up when they wanted and went to bed when they wanted. Staff spoke to them properly and they were respectful. They had the support they needed. Comments were made such as, �Very good, no problems at all�. �I think they(the staff) are all right. I can�t grumble with my lot. I�m OK�. �They are all very nice, no complaints�.

We found people had an up to date plan of care. They were person centred which meant people�s wishes and choices were included. People had access to professionals to keep their health care needs up to date as required. Staff had good instructions to follow when people were at risk of developing pressure ulcers, not eating enough or falling. There was evidence in daily records staff followed care plans and responded to people's needs as required. We found staff maintained people's dignity at all times. There was enough staff on duty to make sure everyone got the help they needed. There were activities people could join in such as manicures, hand massage, summer days in the garden, outings. Any activity people particularly enjoyed was catered for.

Inspection carried out on 2 February 2012

During an inspection looking at part of the service

We visited the home to look at how they have addressed the issues from the last inspection in July 2011. We spoke to the manager, staff, people living at the home, relatives visiting, and received comments from other professional agencies such as social services. Responses we received were positive and reflected how the home has and continues to improve its service to people living at Moss View.

Comments from people living at the home about the care, experiences and support they receive included, "The staff are very good." Also," I cannot say anything bad about anyone they all look after me with a smile." We asked staff and relatives about how they thought the service was performing. Comments were all positive and included, "Things are being put into place for the better." Also, "I have worked here a long time and it has definitely improved over the last few months." A relative spoken to said, "The new manager has definitely improved the running of the home."

People who live at the home, staff and relatives we spoke to only said good things about the quality of food. Comments included, "The food is always good." Also, "We have a choice and its good home cooking." The manager informed us nutritional screening is now monitored and systems are in place to record if residents are missing meals or not eating properly.

Staff spoken to had a good awareness of individual care needs and the importance of

treating people with respect and dignity. We saw evidence of this during our visit and by talking to relatives, one said, "The staff are always good to mum and polite to me."

We spoke to a number of people about the condition of the building and comments

included, "We are aware the premises needs doing up." Also,"Yes I agree some new furniture and paint would brighten the place up." The manager told us a programme of updating the premises is in place and we spoke to the owner who confirmed this.

Inspection carried out on 8 May 2011

During a routine inspection

Relatives spoken with confirmed that they had been able to view the home and bedrooms before agreeing to place their relative in the home. They had also been involved with the initial assessment and had been asked about any individual preferences over how the care and services was to be provided.

Confirmation was received that the care provided by the home had reduced some of the challenging behaviour being displayed and this had put relative�s minds at rest. Comments included, �I think they are marvellous here and deserve a medal�.

A comment was made that �She was nearly at death�s door 18mths ago and has improved; there are no complaints and she is always spotless�.

Another relative visits her father every day and stays for a number of hours and always at lunch time to assist him. Her father has stayed at a number of places and none of them have been suitable but she has been pleased with the care provided at Moss View.

Relatives had been asked about food preferences and confirmation was received that the people using the service enjoyed the meals and staff assisted where necessary; a comment was made that, �The food is piping hot�.

With regard to infection control, a relative was asked to use hand gels when her mother had a stomach complaint. Staff had also been observed to wear protective clothing including aprons and gloves.

Other comments included �There are no problems with cleanliness and there are no unpleasant odours; the home is always nice and warm.�

Relatives confirmed that each time they had raised any concerns; action had been taken to resolve any issues.

Reports under our old system of regulation (including those from before CQC was created)