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Sherwood Lodge Independent Healthcare Good

Inspection Summary

Overall summary & rating


Updated 13 July 2018

We rated Sherwood Lodge Independent Healthcare as good because:

  • Significant improvements had been made since our inspection in 2015. This included taking action to address the issues we had raised in the previous report.

  • The provider had carried out extensive refurbishments to ensure the environment was safer for the patients.

  • Staff managed risk well. All staff knew the patients and shared risk issues with each other on a day to day basis.

  • Male and female sleeping areas were now segregated in accordance with guidance on same gender accommodation.

  • The provider ensured they carried out their statutory duties of informing the Care Quality Commission of when a safeguarding concern was raised.

  • The service had updated policies and procedures related to the Mental Health Act (1983) Code of Practice. Staff monitored use of section 17 leave on an ongoing basis.

  • Staff were caring, respectful and supportive, and we received positive feedback from patients, carers and stakeholders.

  • There were governance processes in place to ensure more robust oversight of the service.

  • The service was well-led. The clinical manager was visible and ensured the needs of the patients were a high priority at all times.


  • Some care plans did not contain risk information and some risk assessments were not regularly updated.

  • Some clinical records, particularly belonging to those subject to detention under the Mental Health Act (1983), were full and difficult to navigate.

  • Staff did not always inform patients of their right to an independent mental health advocate.
Inspection areas



Updated 13 July 2018

We rated safe as good because:

  • The provider had taken appropriate action to improve the physical environment of the hospital. During our inspection in 2015, we found that some fixtures and fittings required attention and there was an increased risk of slips and trips because of slippery and uneven flooring. At the time of 2018 inspection, we found the provider had carried out a large refurbishment to remedy this.
  • The provider managed safeguarding issues well and reported them appropriately. Staff had a good understanding of the statutory requirements during the inspection.
  • Staff had a good understanding of individual risk issues. There was a low number of incidents.

  • Staff monitored section 17 leave well and monitored the whereabouts of patients on a day to day basis.

  • Male and female sleeping areas were segregated in accordance with same gender national guidance.

  • Staffing levels were appropriate for the service.

  • Medicines were managed and monitored well.


  • Documentation around risk was not robust within the clinical records or care plans. However staff were managing risk well.



Updated 13 July 2018

We rated effective as good because:

  • The provider had updated all their policies and procedures in line with the MHA code of practice and compliance with the Act was good. For example; the provider ensured that risk assessments were completed prior to authorising section 17 leave.

  • Staff had a good knowledge of the Mental Capacity Act and ensured MCA assessments were taking place where indicated.

  • All patients had care plans in place.

  • Patients had access to specialist services outside of Sherwood Lodge.

  • Staff ensured physical health was monitored.


  • Some clinical records were full and difficult to locate some information easily.

  • Staff did not always inform patients of their right to an independent mental health advocate.



Updated 13 July 2018

We rated caring as good because:

  • We observed kind, respectful interactions between staff and patients.

  • Carers told us the provider understood the needs of the patients and treat them with dignity and warmth.

  • Patients were able to raise issues and were involved in house meetings and make suggestions to improve the service.



Updated 13 July 2018

We rated responsive as good because:

  • The provider had taken action to ensure privacy and dignity issues identified during the 2015 inspection had been resolved.

  • Patients could access the acute mental health hospital if they experienced deterioration in their mental health.

  • Patients had access to quiet areas of the hospital to relax if they wished.

  • Adaptations had been made to ensure patients with mobility issues could gain access around the environment.

  • We saw a full activity programme which the patients were engaged with.



Updated 13 July 2018

We rated well-led as good because:

  • The service was well led by the clinical manager, who had taken steps to improve the service following our inspection visit in 2015.

  • There were governance frameworks in place which provided oversight and monitoring.

  • Staff reported good morale and pride in their work.

  • Staff told us they could raise concerns without fear of retribution.

  • The provider ensured they raised safeguarding issues in a timely way.

  • The clinical manager ensured there was good oversight of risk issues and completed an environmental risk audit.
Checks on specific services

Long stay or rehabilitation mental health wards for working age adults


Updated 13 July 2018

Substance misuse services

Updated 13 July 2018