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Archived: Bradcare Limited

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Inspection carried out on 11 June 2012

During a routine inspection

In order to gain the views of people using the service we spoke with five people or their relatives. We looked at the annual survey taken in March 2012 conducted by the agency. The survey provided people with the opportunity to give their opinions about the services provided to them. We used comments from six people who took part in the survey. In this way people were able to express their opinions on how the agency was meeting their needs.

One relative told us, “I find staff to be very proactive and they will let us know of any changes or concerns to my relative. Either staff or the family will contact the doctor for any signs of ill health”.

Four people told us that they felt safe using staff from this agency. Two people commented that they would prefer not to have too many new faces to care for them.

Two relatives told us they had regular contact with the agency and remained involved in their relatives care needs. In this way they were provided with feedback from the service in how their relatives needs were being met.

One person wrote, “I could not manage without the help of the staff at the agency especially in the morning when I really need this help”.

Another person wrote, “ thank you for the support and encouragement from all the care workers. I now have a level of mobility, independence and self esteem that I would not have believed possible 6 months ago”.