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Archived: Bevan House


Inspection carried out on 14 October 2011

During an inspection looking at part of the service

On this occasion we did not speak to people who use the service.

This review of compliance was carried out by two compliance inspectors and a pharmacist inspector.

Since our last review of compliance, June 2011, all of the people who use the service have had their placements at the home reviewed by their care managers. As a result of the reviews two people have moved out of the home. One person who used service sadly passed away in hospital in August 2011. The two remaining people who use service are expected to move out of the home in the near future.

The registered provider was considering what direction the service would take once all of the people who use the service have moved out.

Inspection carried out on 2 June 2011

During an inspection in response to concerns

Due to their needs and limited communication skills not all the people who use the service who we met during the visit were either willing and/or capable of sharing their views about their experiences of life at Bevan House.

One person who uses the service told us �I keep myself to myself, I like to stay in my room and play computer games, the staff are okay, they treat me well, the food is okay� they also told us �I know how to complain if I need to and I think staff would listen to any complaint I make�.

Throughout the course of the visit we observed staff interacting with the people who use the service in a very kind, respectful and professional manner.