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Archived: Doveton House


Inspection carried out on 24 January 2013

During a routine inspection

We spoke with eight people and the relative of a person that used the service. We also spoke with one of the carers, the manager and the care coordinator. We looked at the care records for four people using the service.

People told us that they had seen their support plans and that they had been involved in identifying the support that they wanted. People told us that they had the amount of care calls they needed during the day. One person said, “The staff are always on time, helpful and kind”.

We saw that people's care records reflected their needs and provided details about their personal routines and preferences so that they had the care they needed in the way they wanted it. One person told us, "I’m happy with the support I get”.

People told us they felt safe and had confidence in the staff that supported them. One person told us, “I’ve had a choice of the carers who support me, and that makes me feel safer”.

People told us there were enough carers to see to their needs. We saw carers had the training they needed to meet the needs of the people they supported.

People told us they were aware of the complaints system. One person said, “I’m 100% happy and can’t complain, but would if I needed to”.

Inspection carried out on 23 February 2012

During an inspection to make sure that the improvements required had been made

We carried out this review to check on the care and welfare of people using this service. We talked with five people who use the service, one relative and three staff employed by the service about the quality of care. They all told us the service was very good.

One person we talked with said, "I am very well looked after". Another person said, "I wouldn't want to be anywhere else now". A relative we talked with said, "I have no complaints, no concerns about my relative's care. The service now is better than ever".

We saw that everyone had a written care plan. People told us they or their relatives had been involved in agreeing their care plans. Staff we talked with were knowledgeable about people's individual care needs.

We saw that care plans were detailed and risks to people's health and wellbeing had been considered and regularly reviewed. Staff told us if they noticed changes in people's needs they could talk to the people, their relatives and the registered manager about it to make sure that care plans would be adapted appropriately.

We found that the quality of care was continuously reviewed by the registered manager through daily informal conversations with people who received the service. We saw that the provider undertook annual inspection visits and satisfaction surveys of people who used the service. This meant that the provider assessed and monitored the quality of the service.