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Archived: St John's Home

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Inspection carried out on 7 November 2013

During a routine inspection

We spoke with five people that used the service and they all told us they were happy living at St John�s Home and they felt safe. One person told us �I like living here and I feel safe�. Another person told us �They keep their eye on you and they always come to you if you need them�.

We spoke with a relative of a person that used the service who told us �It�s like home from home; they go over and above meeting (my relative�s) needs�.

We spoke with three staff members that worked at the service. They all told us they felt well supported in their roles and they had received sufficient training to enable them to carry out their roles. One staff member told us �It�s a lovely home and we aim to meet everybody�s needs�. Another staff member told us �If my mum needed a residential home this would be the one�.

We found that people�s needs were assessed and care plans had been put in place to ensure their needs were met. We found there were risk assessments in place to ensure people�s welfare and safety. We found that staff had regular team meetings and the majority of staff had received an annual appraisal.

Staff told us they had received training to enable them to carry out their roles however we were concerned that this had not been recorded anywhere and we were not always able to evidence that it had been carried out. We were also concerned about the arrangements in place to manage medicines as there were not accurate records of medicines within the service.

During a check to make sure that the improvements required had been made

We found that the provider had purchased additional equipment to ensure that people preferences were able to be accommodated. We found that the staffing levels were consistent throughout the whole week.

Inspection carried out on 30 June 2012

During a themed inspection looking at Dignity and Nutrition

People told us what it was like to live at this home and described how they were treated by staff, and their involvement in making choices about their care. They also told us about the quality and choice of food, and drink available. This was because this inspection was part of an inspection programme to assess whether older people living in care homes are treated with dignity and respect and whether their nutritional needs are met.

The inspection team was led by a CQC inspector and a practicing professional.

All the people we spoke with told us that the place was �very clean and nicely decorated�. They told us that they liked the food and they had two choices at meal times. One person said that they had a vegetarian choice and they were able to have something different if they were not happy with what was being offered on the menu. Most of the people told us that they were happy with the service they received and staff were polite and spoke to them nicely. They said all staff knocked on their door before they entered their room and closed their curtains when giving them personal care.

People told us that there were lots of activities at the home and one person showed us a copy of the activities timetable. A relative visiting a family member told us that the home had several volunteers who did lots of different activities with people. Some of the people and staff told us that there were enough staff during the week but there were not enough staff during the weekends.

One person told us that they were very happy with their care; however they told us that they were not able to get up in the mornings at the time that they wanted to. This was because the home had one standing hoist and there were other people in the home who also needed this hoist. They said that they had to fit in with staff times for when they were able to get up in the mornings.

Reports under our old system of regulation (including those from before CQC was created)