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Inspection carried out on 20 December 2013

During a routine inspection

During our visit we spoke with four people who live in the home. We also spoke with three relatives and five members of staff.

People told us they were enabled to understand the care and support choices available to them. People told us their privacy and dignity was respected. A person who lives in the home said, �They always let you know what�s happening or what�s going on.�

We spent time observing how staff interacted and supported people during breakfast and tea. We saw staff treating people with respect throughout the time we spent at the home. A person told us, �The staff are very nice.�

We saw that people had care plans in place and that they experienced safe and effective care that met their needs and protected their rights. A person told us, �It�s a very good home.�

We found that the home environment was safe. People experienced accessible surroundings that promoted their wellbeing.

Staff were properly supported to provide care, via appropriate training opportunities, supervision and appraisal. Staff were enabled to gain further skills and qualifications that were relevant to the work that they did.

We also saw that the home had systems in place to regularly monitor and quality assure the care people received.

Inspection carried out on 6 March 2013

During a routine inspection

People were engaged in community activities that were designed to meet the needs of the whole group while being particularly targeted to please individuals. People had a choice to join, or not, in the activities.

We found that some of the bedrooms were quite small and that most do not have en suite facilities. However one family told us that they preferred their family member to have a small room as it reduced their risk of falls.

The care home appeared clean and was comfortably furnished. We found that most of the staff took proper precautions to ensure that the risk of infection was minimised. But we were unable to find up to date information on how to reduce the risk of infection.

On the day of our visit the manager was in London. We were told she was receiving an "award" on behalf of the home relating to end of life care. We inspected the staff rotas and noted that the staffing was appropriate for the safe running of the home.

The people who lived at the home were well care for and they received support that met their needs.

People told us that they were happy at the home and that it met their needs. They said "It's really good here. There are lots of people I can talk to." "Yes it is really good here, they've looked after me. They listen to you".

Inspection carried out on 24 November 2011

During a routine inspection

During the lunchtime meal people were supported to eat when they asked for help. Adapted cutlery was available for people to use so they could maintain their independence.

One person told us that staff knew them very well and understood their preferences for example how they liked their room and what time they went to bed.

People we spoke with told us they felt safe in the home.

People told us that in their opinion, staff were helpful and came quickly when they rang for attention.

People told us they had been asked their opinion about how the home was run.