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Archived: Royal Mencap Society - 75-77 Wickstead Avenue


Inspection carried out on 30 April 2013

During a routine inspection

When we visited Royal Mencap Society - 75-77 Wickstead Avenue on 30 April 2013, we spoke with two of the five people using the service about their experiences in the home, and observed how staff supported them. One person told us, "The staff are nice." and "I always get a choice."

We observed positive engagement between staff and people who used the service, and noted that people's consent was sought before care and support was delivered. People were encouraged and supported to make their own decisions. Where people lacked the capacity to make decisions for themselves, appropriate processes had been followed to ensure best interest decisions were made on their behalf.

We observed people in this home were at ease in the company of the staff that supported them, and people told us the staff were kind. We found the recruitment systems were sufficient to ensure the staff employed were suitable to work in this environment.

There was a complaints procedure in place, and people who used the service knew who they should report any concerns to. However, we noted that although a summary of the complaints policy was displayed in the staff office, it was not readily accessible to people visiting the home.

Robust medication systems ensured people received their prescribed medication on time and in a way that suited their needs.

Inspection carried out on 15 October 2012

During a routine inspection

When we visited 75-77 Wickstead Avenue on 15 October 2012 we found that people were very happy with the care and support they received. One person told us they felt safe and the staff were friendly and supportive. They said "It's nice here, I feel safe, I really like it".

We observed that people were offered support at a level which encouraged independence and ensured that their individual needs were met. There was a relaxed atmosphere in the home and people were at ease in the company of the staff supporting them. The staff were friendly and polite in their approach and interacted confidently with people.

We noted that people were encouraged to express their views and were involved in planning their care and making decisions about their support and how they spent their time. Some people were out at day centres at the time of our visit, and others were involved in carrying out tasks to support their personal development. One person talked about the range of activities and entertainment that was available to them.

Within the care files we saw that care documentation had been signed by the individual to confirm their involvement and agreement with their particular care needs.

Inspection carried out on 19 January 2012

During a routine inspection

People that we spoke with, told us they were happy living in the home and with the support they received.

They talked to us about some of the ways that they were being encouraged to maintain their independence such as doing their own laundry and laying the table for dinner.

One person talked about taking more control over their own cooking, medication and personal finances under proposals for the service to change to a supported living service in the future.

People we spoke with confirmed that they liked the staff, and that they supported them well.

Reports under our old system of regulation (including those from before CQC was created)