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Archived: Forest Edge

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Inspection carried out on 26 September 2013

During a routine inspection

We asked the assistant manager and care workers to explain how they ensured that people using the service gave their consent to care and treatment. We were told that people were asked for their consent before they received any care or treatment. We looked at four care plans and found that people who used the service had signed their care plans agreeing to the care that was to be provided.

We looked at four care plans which included pre-admission assessments. The assessments covered all emotional, social and health care needs. The care plans contained details of the aims and objectives to maintain levels of independence to the person so that they felt comfortable at the home. Daily care notes were updated with the care given and details of the moods and feelings of the people living at the home.

People were supported to eat and drink sufficient amounts to meet their needs. We observed people during the lunchtime period. People were given a choice of drinks and asked about the meal they had chosen earlier in the day. Care workers were available to support people to eat and encourage them to finish their meals.

The personnel records for care workers contained evidence of the interview they had undergone prior to appointment. Interviews were conducted by the registered manager and a standard set of questions was used. New care workers completed a written questionnaire to ensure that they were physically and mentally fit for the work that they were applying for.

Regular �residents� meetings were held at the home and these were well attended. Relatives of people who used the service were also invited to attend. Most of the people we spoke with told us that they found these meetings to be of importance because it was �good to know what was going on� One person who used the service said: �It�s nice to be asked about how I am feeling�.

Inspection carried out on 5 December 2012

During a routine inspection

We spoke with four members of care staff and they told us that they were all involved in care plan reviews at regular monthly staff meetings. One member of staff we spoke with said �It�s important to be involved in the care planning. We are involved on a daily basis and our input ensures that the level of care and support we give is sustained�. One person who used the service told us� The home suits me well, I can do as I please and if I want anything the carers are alway's there for me."

We looked at the care records of five people. We found the records contained a full needs assessment including areas such as nutrition, manual handling, skin integrity, communication and mobility. We looked at the medicine administration records available in the home which kept a record of medicines staff had administered to people. We saw that staff had clearly recorded the reasons why people were supported to take �as required� medicine.

People told us they felt that there were sufficient staff in place and that staff were very caring and responsive. A visiting relative told us that they thought the staff had a good knowledge of how to meet their relative's needs. Information about how to make a complaint was contained in the resident's handbook in two formats including an easy read version. People's complaints were fully investigated and resolved where possible to their satisfaction.

Inspection carried out on 2 February 2012

During a routine inspection

People spoke very positively about the home and staff. People assured us they could spend their time how they wished. They told us they could go to bed and get up in the morning at a time to suit them. People told us they enjoyed the activities in the home and could join in if they wished. People told us they were involved with the running of the home and their views were asked. We were told people would speak to the manger if they had a problem and had confidence they would solve the problem

Reports under our old system of regulation (including those from before CQC was created)