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Inspection Summary

Overall summary & rating


Updated 17 April 2019

What life is like for people using this service:

• The service provided exceptionally person-centred support to people and enabled them to live as full a life as possible through understanding, encouragement, positive behaviour support, and working effectively with guidelines from healthcare professionals. Changes in people’s needs were responded to immediately and staff went beyond the call of duty to ensure people had additional support. People were made to feel cared for and treated as valued individuals.

• The service supported people coming from different areas, for example from acute hospital services, to work through and manage their symptoms, become more independent and in some cases, go on to live independently. This was supported by a thorough pre-assessment process. The service worked closely with involved healthcare professionals to ensure people received holistic care which took into account all areas of their lives. This enhanced people’s health and wellbeing.

• Staff had access to a wide range of training which in turn supported them to meet people’s needs effectively. They sought advice from a wide range of healthcare professionals, and took initiative to support people according to their needs at the time. This included working with people to manage their symptoms with minimal negative impact wherever possible. Staff knew people extremely well, and what approaches were effective with them, which added to the effectiveness of the service.

• People were supported by a positive, proactive staff team who were accountable for their actions and knew what was expected of them. The ethos and values of the service was evident throughout the home. Staff supported people with a wide range of activities, hobbies and interests, and were there to listen to people when they needed. People had privacy and their own space, which staff respected.

• There was exceptionally good leadership in place, and the registered manager worked closely with staff and was always visible, regularly talking with people living in the home and participating in supporting people. There were highly effective systems in place to gain feedback and ensure the service was running well. The registered manager sought and shared knowledge and ideas, which contributed to improving the service and ensuring up do date best practice was followed. People and staff feel respected, valued, highly supported and listened to.

• People were truly placed at the centre of the service and were consulted on every level. Respect for privacy and dignity, and supporting people to feel truly, ‘at home’, was at the heart of the provider's culture and values.

Rating at last inspection: Good (published 11 May 2016)

About the service:

Callum House is registered to accommodate ten people with a learning disability/mental health condition and this includes five self-contained units, in addition to five en-suite bedrooms in the main house. These units are intended as ‘transitional’ accommodation for people preparing to move on into independent living in the community. At the time of our inspection Callum House was fully occupied.

Why we inspected:

This was a planned inspection based on the rating at the last inspection. The service has maintained it's rating of Good overall.

Follow up:

Going forward we will continue to monitor this service and plan to inspect in line with our reinspection schedule for those services rated Good.

Inspection areas



Updated 17 April 2019

The service was safe.

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Updated 17 April 2019

The service was effective.

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Updated 17 April 2019

The service was caring.

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Updated 17 April 2019

The service was exceptionally responsive.

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Updated 17 April 2019

The service was well-led.

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