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Archived: Care Connections Ltd

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Inspection carried out on 12 November 2013

During a routine inspection

During our inspection we visited four people in their own homes and spoke with one relative on the telephone. People we spoke with told us they were happy with the service they received and they were supported to participate in daily activities of their choosing. People told us they had a regular team of staff working with them and they knew when staff would be coming.

Care plans were personalised to the individual and gave detailed step-by-step guidance for staff to follow to meet people’s care needs. Staff we spoke with showed that they had a clear understanding of involving people in day-to-day decisions about their care. A relative we spoke with told us, “the owner and the staff are very good”.

During our visit we met three members of staff and spoke with two on the telephone. They told us, “I enjoy my job”, “a pleasure to come to work each day” and “the owner asks for our views and really does listen to them”.

Appropriate arrangements were in place to support people to take their medication. Appropriate checks were undertaken before staff began work. There were effective recruitment and selection processes in place. The provider sought the views of people who used the service and used these comments to improve and develop the service.

At the time of our visit the service did not have a registered manager. The owner advised us that a new manager would be recruited at the start of 2014.

Inspection carried out on 25 June 2012

During a routine inspection

Most of the people that the provider currently provides care and support for were unable to speak with us due to their communication difficulties. We were able to speak with one person who received a service, two relatives and professionals from a local day centre.

Everyone we spoke with told us that Care Connections provides a good service to the people they care for. The relatives of people who received a service told us that staff always arrived on time, stayed for the allocated time and they had regular staff visit them.

One person who received a service told us, "My carer knows exactly how to do things, the company should be proud".

The relatives and professionals we spoke with told us: "No concerns, the service has the client's best interests at heart”,” They are marvellous, like one of the family" and "I am very happy and satisfied with the service".