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Inspection Summary

Overall summary & rating


Updated 29 June 2017

The inspection visit took place on 20 April 2017 and was unannounced.

Trewartha is a care home providing nursing care for up to 37 people predominately living with dementia. The service is in the Carbis Bay area of St Ives. It is a single storey purpose built service within a housing area. There are a range of aids and adaptations to support people. The service is close to local amenities and a transport network. There is a large garden area which is not overlooked. At the time of the inspection visit there were 34 people living at the service.

At the last inspection in March 2015 the service was rated overall ‘Good’ with ‘Outstanding’ in the domain responsive.

Safeguarding procedures were in place and staff had a good understanding of how to identify and act on any allegations of abuse. Incidents were logged, investigated and action taken to keep people safe. Risks to people’s health and safety were assessed and clear plans of care put in place to help keep people safe.

Risk assessments had been developed to minimise the potential risk of harm to people during the delivery of their care. These had been kept under review and were relevant to the care provided.

The registered manager had systems in place to record accidents and incidents and take action when required. Where sudden and unexpected incidents occurred staff had the knowledge and skills to deal with them safely and effectively. We observed an example of this during the inspection of the service. Staff worked together to ensure there was minimum disruption or change affecting other people.

Recruitment checks were carried out to ensure suitable staff were employed to work at the service. Our observations and discussions with staff, relatives and people who lived at Trewartha confirmed sufficient staff were on duty both day and night. People said, “Always around when you need them (staff)” and “I visit a lot and there are always staff to be seen. They (staff) take time to see what residents need.”

The service was acting within the legal framework of the Mental Capacity Act (MCA) and Deprivation if Liberty Safeguards (DoLS).

Staff were supported by a system of induction training, supervision and appraisals. Staff received training relevant for their role and there were good opportunities for on-going training and support and development. More specialised training specific to the needs of people using the service was being provided. For example, care of people living with dementia and for people with specialist dietary needs.

Staff had the skills, knowledge and experience required to support people with their care and meet their social needs. The registered manager had instilled a culture where staff were open to learning and shared new skills with their colleagues. For example, researching meaningful activities and acting as ‘leads’ in areas of infection control.

There were enough staff available to ensure people received prompt and attentive care. Staff had time to chat with people as well as meeting their care and support needs. People were supported to have maximum choice and control of their lives and staff supported them in the least restrictive way possible. For example, staff using one to one support for continuity and by having the time to let the person take the lead and control of what they wanted to do.

The service provided a varied range of meals and drinks for people. There was a sufficient choice and people received appropriate support where required. Where people required specialist support with their dietary intake and fluids, systems were in place to monitor and manage their needs.

Medicine procedures at Trewartha were safe. Staff responsible for administration of medicines had the competency and training required. Medicines were stored securely with access only by designated people.

Care plans were well organised and contained accurate and up to date information. Care planning was reviewed regularly and as people’s changing nee

Inspection areas



Updated 29 June 2017

The Service remains Good.



Updated 29 June 2017

The service remains Good.



Updated 29 June 2017

The service remains Good.



Updated 29 June 2017

The service remains Outstanding



Updated 29 June 2017

The service was very well led.

Excellent and creative leadership was demonstrated at all levels.

There was an exceptional positive, caring and professional approach evident throughout the staff team.

There was a robust system of quality assurance checks in place. People and their relatives were regularly consulted about how the service was run.