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Archived: Grimsargh House


Inspection carried out on 15 August 2013

During a routine inspection

During our inspection we met several residents. Whilst many residents were not able to give us any specific views, we saw that they looked comfortable and contented. We observed staff providing care in a kind, respectful manner and noted residents appeared to enjoy their company.

One resident who was able to tell us about her experience of the home expressed satisfaction and spoke very highly of the staff and manager. She said, ��They are angels, all of them. Nothing is too much trouble.��

We looked at results of surveys and comments received from relatives. This feedback was all positive, with people expressing satisfaction in the service provided. Comments included;

�We appreciate the gentle and loving care you give to Mum.�

�Whether you are officially carers or designated by your job, it is clear that you care deeply about what you do.�

�I could not be happier. At Grimsargh House the care is excellent.�

During the inspection we assessed a number of areas, including how the welfare of people was promoted and arrangements for safeguarding people from abuse. We also looked at processes for staff recruitment and selection. We did not identify any concerns about standards within the home, or its management, at a local level.

However, we found the management arrangements at provider level were unclear, as were processes in place to enable the provider to monitor the quality of the service. We have asked the provider to take action to address our concerns.

Inspection carried out on 8 February 2013

During a routine inspection

People gave us positive feedback about the service. This included that they were "very happy" with the home, that they were "very pleased" with the staff and that the staff "keep it spotless". People told us that they were given choices and their views were respected. People told us that the staff encouraged them to use their skills but provided support when needed.

Staff reported that it was a "homely" place to work with a "good staff team". They said that they had good support from their manager.

We observed activities and interactions in different parts of the home. All of these were carried out in ways which were appropriate to the type of care being provided. The interactions between people and staff were relaxed and friendly but showed respect for people's dignity.

We reviewed the provider's policies and a range of reports, records and information. All of these gave evidence that they were appropriate to the type of care provided. The care plans showed clear evidence of initial assessments being in place and regular reviews and updates. They highlighted the person's strengths and preferences as well as their needs and gave clear information to care staff on how to help meet those needs. There was evidence of appropriate liaison and working with external services such as the pharmacy, district nurses and GPs.

There was evidence of learning from feedback and of an ongoing refurbishment programme.

Inspection carried out on 1 December 2011

During a routine inspection

People living at Grimsargh House said they were satisfied with the care and services they received. We were told,�It�s a good home, a very good home�. �They are quite friendly, it�s not like your own home, but I am happy here they are very helpful�.

People were involved in day to day decisions and matters affecting them, they were being encouraged to be as independent as possible. Routines in the home seemed flexible, people told us, �We have the freedom to come and go�. �I can go to my room anytime I want its lovely, very comfortable�. �We can get up and go to bed whenever we want�.

People said they were getting support with healthcare needs and that they had ongoing attention from health care professionals. They were being supported sensitively with personal care needs. One person said, �They help me in and out of the bath, they do it in a nice way�.

People spoken with made positive comments about the catering arrangements. Choice menus were available most days and specific preferences were being provided. People said, �No complaints about the food�. �The food is nice we can choose what to have�

Positive relationships were being encouraged and we were told visitors were made welcome at the home. People told us, �We can have visitors whenever we want�. �They are very good with visitors�. People spoken with were generally satisfied with the activities on offer. They said, �We have entertainment occasionally it�s quite pleasant, we had a singer the other day�. �We play games such as dominoes and cards�.

People described the staff as, helpful and nice. They said, �I can�t speak to highly of the staff�. �On the whole the staff are very good, they always seem to do things well�.

People had some involvement with the quality assurance systems. One person said, �They have been to me and asked if things are okay�. We found some improvements were needed with consulting with people and maintaining standards. However we were told better ways of monitoring and developing systems and practices were to be introduced.

Reports under our old system of regulation (including those from before CQC was created)