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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 11, 13 April 2011
Date of Publication: 17 June 2011
Inspection Report published 17 June 2011 PDF

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There should be enough members of staff to keep people safe and meet their health and welfare needs (outcome 13)

Meeting this standard

We checked that people who use this service

  • Are safe and their health and welfare needs are met by sufficient numbers of appropriate staff.

How this check was done

Our judgement

Whilst sufficient general nursing and care staff were seen to be on duty they had not always been supported and directed by suitably trained staff ensuring the complex needs of people living at Church Walk are appropriately met.

User experience

Prior to our visit we had received information about staffing arrangements within the home. We were told that insufficient nursing staff were available to support both staff and people living at the home. This was explored further during our visit.

One staff member spoken with during the visit felt there were sufficient support staff on duty considering the number of people currently living at the home.

Other evidence

Whilst at the home we examined the current rotas and the staffing levels provided. At present the home has very low occupancy therefore staffing provided was seen to be adequate. We did note however that at times, particularly at weekends, there was no cover provided by suitably trained staff such as a qualified mental health nurse (RMN). Due to the nature of the service and complex needs of people this provision is necessary to effectively support and advise the staff in the delivery of care, particularly as training in relation to mental health has not been provided for staff, see outcome 14.

It is acknowledged that the service has over the last year gone through a period of instability due to changes in the management team as well as the staff team, following disciplinary action and conduct issues. A new manager, deputy manager and unit managers have now been appointed. We were told that current recruitment was taking place in relation to the appointment of qualified mental health nurses.