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Archived: Peter Dorrington Ward - Jermyn Street


Inspection carried out on 20 February 2013

During a routine inspection

We were not able to speak with people who used the service because, as a single-handed doctor, Dr Dorrington Ward had no appointments booked during our visit so that he was free for the inspection. We saw the feedback information collected as part of the doctor�s appraisal process. People reported that they had had their treatment explained to them and all of the respondents had been satisfied with their doctor. One commented that Dr Dorrington Ward was a �very good doctor providing superb care�.

Dr Dorrington Ward did not provide treatment but would refer people to a specialist if required. People were seen in a safe environment by staff who had received the necessary training and appraisal. There were procedures in place to deal with emergencies and the doctors had been trained to manage in the event of an emergency. The practice had systems to ensure that people were protected from the risk of infection.

There was a complaints procedure available and the practice had received no complaints in the last 12 months.

Inspection carried out on 1 February 2011

During a routine inspection

In the case of this location it was impracticable to undertake a visit when patients were on site. Dr Dorrington Ward is a single-handed doctor and sees very few private patients. He does not treat patients but undertakes diagnosis and referral as required.

Reports under our old system of regulation (including those from before CQC was created)