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Archived: Rydan Lodge Residential Home


Inspection carried out on 17, 18, 22 October 2013

During an inspection in response to concerns

We carried out a responsive inspection of Rydan lodge care home and Rydan Care domiciliary care service because of a number of concerns we had received. Both services were under the operation of the same registered manager. We found that most of those concerns were substantiated.

We observed acts of kindness by care workers towards the people they supported. However, we did not find that there was a culture of respect throughout the care home, particularly with regard to what was written about people.

We found that there was a poor understanding of restrictive practices and of making decisions in the best interests of people who did not have the capacity to make their own decisions.Some people experienced poor care and there was a lack of understanding of some people's needs.

Within both the domiciliary care agency and the care home there was a lack of monitoring of the services. There was some poor practice and recording with regard to the safe handling of medicines. Training in this area had not been updated.

People were at risk of abuse because issues were not responded to effectively or in a timely way and staff were not supported when they raised issues.

Records were not always accurate and could not be promptly located.

The services were not well led. We found that the registered manager did not have the required skills to manage the services, did not maintain an overview of the service and had not responded appropriately to serious concerns.

Inspection carried out on 4 December 2012

During a routine inspection

We saw that people at the home appeared to be well cared for, with quality care being provided such as appropriate clean clothing, footwear, glasses and hearing aids in place. People appeared to be warm, comfortable and pain free. People told us that they felt safe at the home.

People we spoke with were positive about the care they received at the care home and the domiciliary care agency. Where people were unable to express their views clearly we saw that they appeared relaxed in the company of staff.

Most of the people who lived at the home had some level of dementia and not all were able to tell us about their experiences. As a result we used observation to help us to understand people's experiences. This allowed us to spend time watching what was going on in the service and helped us to record how people spent their time, the type of support they received and whether they had positive experiences. During our observation we saw and heard staff interacting with people in a positive manner. Staff displayed genuine kindness, affection and professionalism towards the people living at the home.

We also looked at the service�s provision of personal care to people in their own homes and spoke to people who used this service. All of them were satisfied with the service they received and had no concerns.

We looked at the systems in place for assessing and monitoring the quality of care and found these to be satisfactory.

Inspection carried out on 5 April 2011

During an inspection in response to concerns

Two people were dressed and sitting in the lounge when we arrived at the home at 6.00am. One person was able to tell us that they are very happy to be at the home. This person confirmed that they are happy to get up early. We observed that the second person appeared content. Staff told us that they didn�t know how decisions had been made about the times people get up, and that they have to get everyone up by 8.00am. When asked the reason for this, staff replied that people are awake so they get them up.

We observed that the two people sitting in the lounge looked well and were nicely dressed. Staff offered them a hot drink and we observed good interactions. One person told us that the staff are good.

Staff who spoke with us showed a good knowledge about the people who live in the home.

Reports under our old system of regulation (including those from before CQC was created)