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Inspection carried out on 23 January 2014

During a routine inspection

Everyone we spoke with told us they were happy with the services provided by this practice and would recommend the service to family and friends. People told us the service they received was “Brilliant” and “Excellent”. They also told us that the staff were “Efficient and friendly” and how the staff were “always willing to help”. One person said “I would not go anywhere else and the owner has such a gentle manner”.

We found there were suitable arrangements for obtaining people’s consent for the care and treatment provided to them. People told us they were always asked for any changes in their medical history at each appointment.

We found that people were protected from the risk of infection because appropriate guidance was followed. People told us that the surgery was always very clean when they visited.

People were protected against the risks associated with medicines management because appropriate arrangements were in place to safely manage them.

The practice reviewed the quality of care and treatment being monitored regularly. This helped to ensure that the service was run in the best interests of the people who were using it.

Inspection carried out on 31 January 2013

During a routine inspection

People told us that they were “Very happy” with the care and treatment they had received. One person said “I was given time to think about the procedure before I made my mind up” and another said “I am in the middle of treatment but they make sure I am still happy with what they are doing at each visit”.

The patient health records were up to date and described the treatments that were being provided. People were aware of their treatment plan and told us they understood the information they were given.

All staff that had patient contact had received training and guidance in safeguarding adults and children. In addition, they were provided with appropriate guidance about the safeguarding process for them to follow if they had concerns.

Staff were recruited and selected for the role they undertook and appropriate checks were carried out for consultants who were working under practicing privileges.

There was an effective complaints system available and people were given information about how to make a complaint or raise concerns and although there was no ongoing concerns staff were confident that they would deal with any in line with their policies and procedures.