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Archived: The Firs Specialist Residential Home


Inspection carried out on 18, 29 March and 8 December 2011

During an inspection looking at part of the service

One resident chose to spend time in the front hallway and another liked to spend time in his own room. Both confirmed that this was where they wanted to spend their time and that they were able to do this as they wanted.

One person said that he was always consulted about the care and support that was to be provided.

All people who were spoken with during the visit to the home expressed a satisfaction with the care provided. Comments included �I am happy here� �everything is fine�.

The atmosphere in the home was found to be happy and positive. People living in the home were chatting with each other and with staff and this demonstrated with their positive interaction a good level of well being.

People spoken with said that lunch was nice and the meal provided was well received and eaten by people using the service.

People were positive about the environment and one person said �I have a nice room and I like this hallway�.

Inspection carried out on 30 December 2010 and 18 March 2011 and 17 December 2012

During an inspection in response to concerns

People using the service were mostly positive about the home with two people saying that they liked it in the home and had been there for a long time. However they also said that they had to stay downstairs.

The food was complimented and seen to be well received by people using the service.

A visiting health care professional confirmed that the staff keep her well informed about the people living in the home and their changing needs as necessary.

Inspection carried out on 8 December 2010 and 6 January and 8 December 2011

During an inspection in response to concerns

People who use the service spoken with expressed a satisfaction with the home and the staff. One said how much she liked the food.

Visitors to the home were very positive about the care provided and how their relatives were treated and cared for.

A relative spoken with said � the home is very good, the staff are nice and extremely helpful� She also commented that her husband �does have sore feet, but the home take good care of him and the district nurse visits�. She said she had no qualms or concerns about the home.

Both visitors said they knew who to complain to and would be comfortable to do this.

Reports under our old system of regulation (including those from before CQC was created)