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Archived: Willows Residential Care Home for Adults with Learning Disabilities


Inspection carried out on 28 January 2014

During a routine inspection

During our inspection on 28 January 2014, our observations showed us that staff supported people in a patient and sensitive way. During our discussions with staff we found that they had a good understanding and awareness of people’s care needs and preferences and they were enthusiastic about providing a good quality of service to people living at the home.

The care records we looked at included detailed information on how people’s needs were to be met by staff. Staff told us people enjoyed their independence and enjoyed going out.

Staff knew people well and they were able to tell us about their specific needs. We saw that there were respectful and caring interactions between members of staff and people living in the home. Staff listened to people and provided care and support in ways that met their needs and took into account their individual preferences.

The service co-operated with other agencies, such as community health services and the NHS, to ensure people received continuity of care and support when they needed to access other services.

Staff were trained and well supported by the manager so that they could carry out their caring responsibilities effectively.

We found that the provider had systems in place to monitor and respond to any complaints received by the home.

Inspection carried out on 8 January 2013

During a routine inspection

Most people using this service were unable to verbally tell us what they thought about the service due to their complex care needs. We met with four people residing at Willows and three people were able to confirm to us that they were happy, that staff treated them well and that they felt safe. We sat in the lounge area for three hours whilst the evening meal was being prepared and observed that people seemed mostly relaxed and comfortable. One person became distressed and staff told us that they sometimes found visits by strangers unsettling. We saw that staff communicated patiently with this person and gave them reassurance until they felt calmer.

We looked at satisfaction surveys completed in December 2012 by two relatives of people who use the service. They had all recorded positive comments about the quality of the care and support provided at The Willows. Comments included, "Willows caters for resident's needs to give them the best quality of life" and "Willows communicates well with our family about needs and concerns. They take residents on holiday and deal with health needs appropriately. They help people to retain independence where possible."

Inspection carried out on 17 December 2011

During a routine inspection

Most people using this service were unable to verbally tell us about their care experience living at The Willows due to their specific needs. Some people were able to confirm they liked living at the home, that they liked their room and that they could make choices about what to do. We saw that people were able to make choices about where to spend their time and the activity they wanted to be involved in.

We spent time sitting with people and observing everyday life in the home. We saw through their limited verbal and also through their non verbal communications that people seemed relaxed and at ease in their environment. They approached staff confidently and initiated interactions to have their needs met.

We spoke with relatives of people who use the service. They told us that over a number of years they had found the care and support provided to be excellent and that people using the service were supported to experience a wide range of activities and social opportunities. They also told us that they are welcomed at the service by friendly staff whenever they visit and that they would feel able to raise and discuss any issues or concerns should these arise. Visitors also told us that they felt their relatives were safe living at The Willows.

Reports under our old system of regulation (including those from before CQC was created)