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Archived: Pierpoint House


Inspection carried out on 3 July 2012

During a routine inspection

We spoke with a range of people about the service. They included, the provider the manager in charge, therapists, support workers and people at different stages of their treatment programme. This was in order to gain a balanced overview of what people experienced. We also spoke with other professional agencies such as social services.

Comments about the treatment programme, care and support were positive. However some comments about the decoration and furnishing of the building were not. We spoke with six people at different stages of their treatment, "This is the place for me to get right, the staff are excellent and so experienced. The support and care is there for you." Also, "I know it is hard going and seems unfair at times, but believe me I need the structure and rules."

People we spoke with about the condition of the premises said, "It does need doing up in parts as you can see." Also, "We have tried to decorate two or three rooms but it needs more attention."

People we spoke with on the programme praised the staff about how they were treated with respect and dignity. One person said, "All the staff I have to say treat you with respect." Another person said, "The way the staff speak, and support people is a credit, it helps build up my self esteem."

None of the people we spoke with had any issues about the standard of care they were receiving and people told us that they would be comfortable in raising any concerns they may have.

Inspection carried out on 14 October 2011

During an inspection in response to concerns

We spoke to the proprietor and manager about complaints policies and procedures.

They have a detailed policy in place for dealing with complaints and concerns. However procedures need to be improved to ensure complaints are investigated thoroughly within the organisation, also agencies such as Social Services are consulted if any complaints are alleged safeguarding issues.The manager told us they will look into improving the way complaints are handled.

Pierpoint House has a detailed complaints policy and procedure which is made available to all new residents when they arrive. The manager said, "Everyone has a copy in the information provided to them". We looked at the processes for complaints and found the policy could be improved to ensure complaints are investigated thoroughly.

Timescales need to be realistic for responses to complaints, to ensure thorough investigation has taken place and the correct information is provided. Not all complaints can be dealt with by the service, they should be more transparent and improve links with Social Services for advice, sharing of information and support. This will ensure complaints are handled correctly and dealt with.

Lines of accountability need to be made clear so that complainants, if not satisfied with initial responses can request further information within the organisation and be responded to. One complaint we looked at was not responded to by the proprietor when the complainant was not satisfied with the initial investigation.

Inspection carried out on 26 July 2011

During a routine inspection

We spoke to people who had recently been admitted on the treatment programme, half way through and people who were leaving having completed their treatment. We also talked to staff, the manager and received comments from other professional agencies such as social services.

Responses we received were mainly positive and reflected how the service is run in the best interest of the people who are receiving the care, guidance and support during their stay.

Comments from people on the rehabilitation programme included, " Some of the rules at the start seem strict and harsh but it works". Also, "The staff have been supportive and helpful I could not have gone this far without the help and treatment I have had".

When asked if staff provide the care people need, one person said,"I have been on three Rehabilitation programmes without doubt this is by far the best, staff very competent, food good, and the support is always their for you".

We spoke to Lancashire County Council Contracts monitoring department and they have no concerns with the service and have not received any 'safeguarding' alerts recently.

The building is in need of maintenance, in terms of redecoration and refurbishment in areas such as bathrooms, hallways, residents lounges and tea making rooms. Comments from a person staying here said, "It does need doing up". Staff we spoke to also agreed and comments included, "We are aware the building needs attention and a programme of redecoration of the home and refurbishment of bathrooms is planned from September onwards".

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