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Archived: Leda Homecare Limited

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Inspection carried out on 6, 7 November 2012

During a routine inspection

Prior to our visit we reviewed all the information we had received from the provider. During the visit we spoke on the telephone with two people who used the service and three relatives and asked them for their views. We also spoke on the telephone with four care workers. We spoke with two care coordinators, the nominated individual and the registered manager. We also looked at some of the records held in the service including the care files for six people.

We asked people who used the service and their relatives if they were in agreement with the care that had been planned and then provided. They all said they had agreed and given their consent. One person told us, �I give my consent to everything.�

We found care workers were usually on time for people�s appointments and care workers stayed for the time the person was allocated. A person told us, �They (care workers) always stay the whole time they are meant to.�

When we asked a relative if we could ask them about the service their relation received they said, �I am always happy to sing the praises of Leda. I sent a thank you card with a teddy on.�

Inspection carried out on 2 March 2012

During a routine inspection

A person told us that staff knocked on the door before entering their house. They also told us that they had received a questionnaire from the service asking for their views. They had a copy of their care plan but had not been asked to sign them.

A person said, �The carers are very good. They understand the problems.� They also told us that they were happy with the care being provided. A person told us they felt safe.

A person said, �Nurses are lovely.� Another person said, �I feel the staff are well trained. They understand the job perfectly.� They also said, �One carer is outstanding.�

A person told us that they had not needed to make a complaint but knew what to do if they wanted to make a complaint.