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Archived: Care Avenues Limited - 26 Waterloo Road


During a check to make sure that the improvements required had been made

We found that improvements had been made in the way that people's complaints were managed because the procedures for managing people's complaints had been improved.

Inspection carried out on 13 February 2013

During a routine inspection

Services were provided to 43 people. We visited the office and spoke with eight relatives as people were unable to tell us their views. We spoke with seven staff and the registered manager. We looked at four people�s records, records about staff and running of the agency.

Relatives had mixed views of the service. Most relatives said needs were well met, staff were on time and made people feel comfortable and safe. They commented, �We�re told who to expect�, �We�ve had more consistent workers recently� and �We�re very pleased and had no reason to complain.�

In contrast three relatives told us of unresolved complaints and did not feel people were safe with inexperienced staff using a hoist or managing challenging behaviour. Relatives commented, �Staff arrived late reducing the time for care.� We found the complaints system had not been effectively used to ensure people�s needs were safely met.

However managers had a new system to monitor lateness and duration of calls. Staff had ongoing training, spot checks of their practice and hygiene standards. Staff were matched to people and sought daily consent to meet their diverse needs. Guidance had been followed to reduce most risks and to support people's independence. Most people had food, personal care and medication on time. Reviews with families were underway to agree more personalised care plans.

Inspection carried out on 7 September 2012

During an inspection in response to concerns

The undertaking of a needs assessment should ensure people receive the care and support needed.

Staff have access to care plans and risk assessments, so they know how to meet people�s specific needs.

One person who uses the service said, �I have the same carer, they wash and dress me and I�m very satisfied with the service provided.�

A relative of a person who accesses the service said, �The staff are very supportive and the agency has reviewed the package of care to ensure my mother�s needs are met.� �On the whole I�m satisfied with the service provided.�

Staff have access to relevant information about how to safeguard people from potential abuse and are provided with regular training to ensure they have the skills to recognise abuse.

Staff have the appropriate safety checks before commencing employment, this should ensure their suitability to work with vulnerable people.

One person who uses the service said, �My carer is very good and polite and we understand each other.�

Another person said, �I�m very happy with the service provided and my carer is good.�

Staff personnel files and training records showed that staff receive relevant training to ensure they have the skills to undertake their role effectively.

Another person said, �My carer arrives at a time that suits me and they do what I want them to do.�