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Archived: Beechlands EMI Residential Care Home

We are carrying out an inspection to see whether improvements we required at Beechlands EMI Residential Care Home have been put in place. We will publish a report when our check is complete.


Inspection carried out on 8 May 2014

During a routine inspection

We considered our inspection findings to answer questions we always ask:

• Is the service safe?

• Is the service effective?

• Is the service caring?

• Is the service responsive?

• Is the service well-led?

Due to the different ways that the people living at Beechlands communicated we were not able to directly ask them their views of the support they received. However during our visit we met with people living there and we spent time observing the support they received from staff. We also spoke to a visiting healthcare professional to obtain their views of the service.

We considered our inspection findings to answer questions we always ask;

Is the service safe?

Is the service effective?

Is the service caring?

Is the service responsive?

Is the service well-led?

This is a summary of what we found –

Is the service safe?

Systems were in place to assess any risks identified when planning people’s care and support. Staff had received training in health and safety, safeguarding adults and medical and non-medical emergency procedures. They were confident about dealing with emergencies such as a fire and if a person collapsed or suddenly became ill. Staff knew where first aid equipment was located at the home and they had access to information and guidance about managing incidents such as an allegation of abuse.

Is the service effective?

People had a care plan for their assessed needs however they had not always been regularly reviewed with the involvement of the person's representative/s. Staff spent time with people who were anxious and appropriately supported them with positive outcomes for the person.

Is the service caring?

People were cared for by staff who were polite and kind. Staff took time to sit and talk with people and they responded quickly to people's requests for assistance.

Is the service responsive?

Staff were knowledgeable about people’s needs and they provided people with the right care and support. Staff took appropriate action when they noted a change in a person’s health or wellbeing. Staff had received training in a range of topics however they had not received up to date training in dementia care which is relevant to the work they carry out.

Is the service well-led?

The home had a registered manager and a deputy manager. Staff told us they felt supported by the managers and they were approachable. Regular staff meetings which had taken place provided staff with an opportunity to discuss matters as a team. However staff had not received a one to one supervision with their manager which meant they had not had the opportunity to discuss any personal matters such as progress, training and development needs. There were systems in place for checking the quality of the service although checks had not always been carried out in accordance to the homes procedures.

Inspection carried out on 30 July 2013

During a routine inspection

We found that people who used the service and their relatives were given information about the home and were invited to look around before deciding it was the right place for them to live. People were involved in their initial assessment and in planning and reviewing their care.

People received safe and appropriate care and their health and wellbeing was closely monitored to ensure they stayed as well as possible. Staff had received training to help them deal with emergencies and they were confident about what they would do in an emergency situation.

People's nutrition and hydration needs were well recorded and understood by staff. People were given a choice of food and staff provided people with all the help, support and encouragement they needed to eat and drink.

People had all the equipment they needed to help with their comfort, mobility and independence and equipment had been regularly checked to make sure it was suitable for people's needs and safe to use.

Staff told us that the staffing levels were sufficient in meeting people's needs and that they had not felt rushed or under pressure.

Relatives of people who used the service told us that staff had been efficient in attending to people's needs and that staff were always about when they were needed.

People's records were safely stored, appropriately completed and kept up to date.

Inspection carried out on 15 May 2012

During an inspection to make sure that the improvements required had been made

All the people who were able to communicate were very positive towards Beechlands and its staff. People spoken with said “They know you and know when you feel a bit off” “They like me and I like them” “I feel very happy here”

“I feel safe and well looked after”

Other comments made by people who live at Beechlands were “There is always plenty to eat” “The food is just the same as being at home”

“It’s just like I used to cook” “I have been here a long time and I like it”

“The place is just like home”

Inspection carried out on 8 November 2011

During an inspection to make sure that the improvements required had been made

People who use the service and a relative we spoke with were complimentary about the

support provided by the care workers. We watched care workers supporting people living in the service in general they were thoughtful about peoples individual needs and tried to meet their care needs appropriately.

During the day we observed care workers move a person in a wheelchair inappropriately.

As part of our visit we looked around the home. There are a number of interconnecting

lounges and a dining room. The main lounge area had music playing for the majority

of the morning. This music could be heard in the area were people watched television and meant that neither the television nor the radio could be clearly heard.

We looked around the building at our visit. We saw a number of areas that needed to be address such as smoking in areas not designated as a smoking area, lighting not

functioning and a call system that did not meet peoples needs. The security of the building had not been maintained.

We spoke to people living in the service about the food that they received. We observed the lunch time meal, which looked appetising for the majority of people. There was no opportunity for people to choose a different meal or a different time to eat. The routines at meal times were not flexible to meet people's needs.

Inspection carried out on 12, 18 January 2011

During a routine inspection

People living in Beechlands told us, "I go to bed when I want and get up when I want". We observed some people choosing to use different areas of the home, some sat in the lounge, some in the dining room, whilst others chose to remain in their bedroom.

We spoke with a person during our visit who told us that they careworkers are "very kind and caring". Several people told us that they would speak with a particular careworkers or talk to their families if they had any concerns. It was clear that people felt confident to express their views about the quality of care they receive and the careworkers.

People who use the service and relatives were complimentary about the care provided by the careworkers. The comments received included:

"I like the staff they are really kind",

"Staff are lovely nothing is too much for them" and "I am happy here, its not my home but the staff are good fun and likable so its easy to just stay" .

We spoke to people living in the service about the food that they received. Their comments included:

"Its okay",

"I like the food it's always very tasty",

"its not what I want to eat but there's no choice",

"you never know what your going to get until it comes. I like the food so it doesn't bother me" and

"you can't have a cup of tea when you want".

On arrival to the service it was clear of offensive odours. The main rooms interlinked and had a wooden type flooring area that was clean. Furniture within the main areas was clean and well maintained.

People living in the service told us that :

"it's a nice place to live, the chairs are comfy",

"its usually nice and clean and does not smell at all".

"there are plenty of staff".

A relative said, "staff are always available". People living in the service and relatives thought that the careworkers were "lovely", "kind", "helpful", "professional and caring".

Reports under our old system of regulation (including those from before CQC was created)