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Archived: Lyndhurst Lodge Residential Homes Limited


Inspection carried out on 11 April 2013

During a routine inspection

As part of our scheduled inspection at this home we spoke with five people who used the service and five members of staff working at the home, including the home manager. We were not able to speak with any relatives of people using the service as none visited on the day of our inspection.

People using the service told us they were happy living at the home. They all felt well looked after and none of them expressed any concerns about their care. One person said: "The staff are really caring, the food's brilliant and my bedroom is lovely." Another person told us: "If something doesn't suit you, you tell someone and they correct it."

We spoke with several members of staff on duty at the time of our inspection. None of the staff we spoke with had any concerns about the levels of care at the home and told us they felt there was adequate numbers of staff to meet peoples needs. We observed this to be the case during our visit. One staff member told us: "I love it here. I love the job." Another commented: "We are spending more time with the residents now." Staff felt supported and said that they received enough training to carry out their roles effectively.

During our visit we found that the home was not adequately secured for the people living there and that some of the furniture in the grounds was in a poor state of repair. We also found that a member of staff had not been subject to all the required checks before they had started working at the home.

Inspection carried out on 26 June 2012

During a routine inspection

We carried out this visit to Lyndhurst Lodge to review improvements the service needed to make against standards which has not been met following a previous inspection.

During this follow-up visit to the home we spoke to six members of staff working at the home, four people using the service, one visiting professional to the service and a relative of someone using the service.

People using the service told us they were very happy. They told us that they enjoyed the relaxed environment the home offered and found the staff working at the home to be very caring and considerate. One person commented that, “The staff are good, the food’s good, it’s clean, it’s warm and I’ve got company here if I want it. It is a very friendly atmosphere.”

Another person told us that, “The place is kept clean and the food is quite nice. I think we are quite lucky.” Another person using the service described enjoying living at the home, telling us that, “I am very happy here. I wouldn’t change it for anything. For the comfort, for the company and for the loving nature of the staff.”

The home had increased the number of staff working at the home. The staff we spoke to told us they were happy working there and that they felt supported by the management. One staff member told us, “The girls are so nice and caring and the service users really love them.” The staff member went on to comment that, “It is hard work. I won’t pretend it isn’t but everyone knows what they’re doing and service users needs are met.”

The visiting professional we spoke to at the home told us that he found that the staff had appropriate relationships with the people living at the home and that staff always treated the people using the service with dignity and respect. The professional we spoke to also commented that “They seem to have experienced staff here who have a good understanding of patient’s conditions.”

The relative of someone using the service told us they visited the home twice a week. They commented that they were happy with their relative living at the home and went on to say that, “The home is fine as far as I’m concerned. I have not had any cause for concern here.”

Inspection carried out on 1 April 2012

During an inspection in response to concerns

We spoke to three people who used the service, two relatives of people who used the service, and five members of staff working at the home at the time of our visit. We also spoke to a visiting professional.

A resident at the home told us, “I haven’t found anything to object to”. Another person who used the service told us that she thought that more activities should have been offered by the service as there was very little in place.

The staff told us that they, “Often do not feel supported by the management.” They told us that on some days there are not enough staff on duty to meet the needs to the people who used the service.

Relatives we spoke to were complimentary about the home. One relative, referring to the care their mother had received, said, “We find it second to none. The staff here are very caring and affectionate. They often call the Doctor in which my mother would never do if she was living on her own”.

Relatives we spoke to commented on how caring the staff at the home were and that they were happy with their relative being there.

The visiting professional we spoke to at the home said they believed the home were coping very well with a resident who was displaying some challenging behaviours.

Inspection carried out on 31 August 2011

During an inspection in response to concerns

People who use the service told us that.

"Staff are lovely and kind".

"You can have a laugh and a joke with them".

"They are always respectful, they never make me feel embarrassed when they help me".

Reports under our old system of regulation (including those from before CQC was created)