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Crescent Nursing Home Outstanding

Inspection Summary

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Updated 4 November 2017

Crescent Nursing Home provides nursing care for up to 28 people with a range of physical and psychological needs, including dementia, mental health and learning disabilities. There were 27 people living at the service when we visited.

At the last inspection on 25 March 2015 we rated the service overall Good, however they Required Improvement under safe. On 29 July 2015 we carried out a focused inspection to check if the necessary improvements were made. We found that the service improved, however we did not change the rating to ensure that the improvements were sustained over a longer period of time. At this inspection we found that the improvements were sustained and further improved. At this inspection we rated the service Outstanding.

The home has a registered manager. A registered manager is a person who has registered with the Care Quality Commission to manage the service. Like registered providers, they are ‘registered persons’. Registered persons have legal responsibility for meeting the requirements in the Health and Social Care Act 2008 and associated Regulations about how the service is run.

Without exception people told us that staff were extremely responsive to their needs and preferences and that their care was personalised about them as an individual person. Relatives were highly complementary about the exceptional care and support their family member received.

People were able to maintain hobbies and interests that they enjoyed prior to moving to the home and develop others. Staff enabled people to live the life they wanted and organised social activities, group activities and individual activities. People were able to decide what they wanted to do every day or participate in planned activities, which took place in the day service. This gave people a sense of being in control of their life and empowered them to do what they wanted.

The service was exceptionally well led. There was visible and effective leadership within the service. The service was effectively organised and well run with an open and transparent culture. The registered manager was supported by a dynamic management team that demonstrated a holistic approach and had clear oversight of how the service was meeting people’s physical, emotional and social needs.

People received care and support from competent and dedicated staff because the management team encouraged them to learn and develop new skills and ideas. Staff when asked about the culture and values of the service told us that they felt an integral part of a team and enjoyed their work. They were extremely passionate and committed to providing quality care and were clear on their roles and responsibilities.

The service promoted a culture that was open and transparent. The registered manager operated an open door policy and people, relatives and staff felt able to make suggestions on the quality of the care provided. Quality assurance systems were in place and these were used to obtain feedback about the service, monitor performance and manage risks.

The provider was actively involved in pilot projects and different local groups to constantly improve and broaden the services and opportunities they offered to people living at the home.

People were actively encouraged to voice their opinions regarding all aspects of their care and support. They told us they felt valued and included in making decisions that affected them and were actively involved in their on-going care arrangements. People and their relatives could voice their views and opinions which the management team listened and acted on.

People told us they felt safe and protected from harm in Crescent Nursing home. Staff were knowledgeable about people`s vulnerability and demonstrated good understanding about safeguarding procedures and signs of possible abuse. They told us they always reported their concerns to managers and they were knowledgeable about whistleblowing procedures to report their concerns externally to local saf

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Updated 4 November 2017

The service remained Good



Updated 4 November 2017

The service remained Good.



Updated 4 November 2017

The service remained Good.



Updated 4 November 2017

The service was very responsive.

People received personalised care and support which met their needs and improved the quality of their life.

Care plans were personalised and created in partnership with people to ensure the care and support they received was according to their preferences.

People were enabled to live the life they wanted and the activities provided to them met their needs.

People`s well-being and health improved due to the commitment shown by staff to value and support people`s individuality.

People were encouraged to raise concerns or complaints.



Updated 4 November 2017

The service was exceptionally well led.

The management team promoted the highest standards of care and support for people; delivered by an extremely passionate and highly motivated staff team.

There was an open and transparent culture at the service. Staff were supported by the management team and were clear on their roles and responsibilities.

The provider was passionate and highly motivated to positively influence not just the lives of people living in Crescent Nursing Home but in the whole care sector by actively participating in pilot programs and sharing best practice with other providers.

The management team worked effectively in partnership with other stake holders to improve the lives of people they cared and supported.