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Archived: Millfield House Care Home

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Inspection carried out on 28 August 2012

During a routine inspection

We used a number of different methods which included observation to help us understand the experiences of people using the service, because some of the people living in the home had complex needs which meant they were not able to tell us their experiences. We saw that staff involved people in making decisions with regard to every day living such as choice of food and activities.

We spoke with five people who lived in the home who were able to tell us their experiences, they told us they were involved in decision making about every day living in the home.They said the staff were excellent.They said there was plenty to do if people wanted to become involved in the activities. Comments included:

"Staff are around when you need them."

"Staff are very helpful."

"I can get up and go to bed when I want."

Inspection carried out on 13, 26 January 2012

During a routine inspection

We visited the home unannounced on 13 January and on 26 January 2012 when we told them we were returning so that people living there could asked if they would speak to us. This was carried out as part of our routine programme of inspections.

The home was well managed as the manager dealt with day to day issues and the good support she had from the company management team. There were clear lines of accountability within the home and the staff were aware of their responsibilities.

Good pre-admission assessments were carried out and these contributed to the detailed care plans. The people living in the home and their representatives were encouraged to be involved in the care planning and their care plans are kept in the individuals own room.

Information about how to make a complaint or raise concerns was available throughout the home. The residents and their representatives confirmed that they were given information about expressing their concerns. However none of those spoken to had needed to make a formal complaint.

We spoke with a number of people who live here, as well as visitors, staff and the registered manager. The people in the service and the visitors who were spoken to during the visit were complimentary about the way that the home was managed. One told us that they were �happy� and �the girls ask me what do you want to wear today� and that they then chat with them about clothes and jewellery.� Another said �I like it here, if I can�t be at home then this is the best place�.

One relative spoken to told us that they had been �included in making decisions� and that �they always keep them up to date with what is happening�. Another said that they were �happy with the care� and that they thought the staff were "helpful" and that the staff were considerate to the relatives of people living in the home.

Reports under our old system of regulation (including those from before CQC was created)