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Inspection Summary

Overall summary & rating


Updated 5 August 2017

This inspection took place on 19 and 21July 2017 and was unannounced. It was carried out by ¿one adult social care inspector.¿

The Hollies provides care and support for up to 16 older people. The home is located in the small ¿town of Castle Cary. It is not purpose built and has accommodation arranged over two floors; ¿there are two stair lifts, but no passenger lift. There were seven people living at the home during ¿our inspection; one person was on a short stay.¿

A registered manager was responsible for the service. This is a person who has registered with ¿the Care Quality Commission to manage the service. Like registered providers, they are ¿¿‘registered persons’. Registered persons have legal responsibility for meeting the requirements in ¿the Health and Social Care Act 2008 and associated Regulations about how the service is run.¿

When we last inspected the service on 29 February 2016 and 2 March 2016 we found two ¿breaches of the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014. This

was because medicine administration records were not always accurate. Medicine audits were ¿not

completed thoroughly and checks were not always completed to ensure medicines were still safe ¿to use. People may have been deprived of their liberty without having their legal rights protected.¿

The provider sent us an action plan on 11 April 2016 which confirmed the action they were taking ¿in relation to these issues. At this inspection we found the necessary improvements had been ¿made. ¿

On both days of our inspection there was a homely, calm and relaxed atmosphere. Staff ¿interacted with people in a friendly and respectful way. People were encouraged and supported ¿to maintain their independence and to pursue their interests and hobbies. They made choices ¿about their day to day lives which were respected by staff. One person said, “I go out every ¿morning for a walk and have a coffee in the café. I go in the local shops. Nice to get out.”¿

People and their relatives said the home was a safe place to live. People spoke highly of the care ¿they received. One person said, ““The staff are caring. I would say they are excellent.” ¿

People were involved in planning and reviewing their own care. Staff respected people’s privacy ¿and were aware of issues of confidentiality.¿

People told us staff took the time to get to know them; staff asked them about their life history, ¿their interests, hobbies and preferred routines. There was a programme of activities in line with ¿people’s interests. People were involved in the local community. They had a choice of nutritious, ¿home cooked food. Each person we spoke with said they were happy with the food and drinks ¿served in the home. One person said, ““The food is good. You can ask for anything special. You ¿just say the word and they do it for you.” ¿

People had developed friendships with others who lived in the home; they kept in touch with their ¿other friends and relations. Friends and relatives could visit at any time. One relative told us, “I ¿usually come in every day. It’s lovely here; it’s like an extended family.” ¿

There was a stable staff team at the home. Staff were kind and caring. They had a very good ¿knowledge of people’s care needs. Staff received a thorough induction and ongoing training and ¿support. ¿

People were involved in decisions about the running of the home as well as their own care. ¿People knew how to make a formal complaint, but no one had needed to. One person said, “I’m ¿happy and I like it here. If I wasn’t I would talk to the staff about it. Nothing to worry about here ¿though.” ¿

The management structure in the home provided clear lines of responsibility and accountability. ¿People liked and trusted the registered manager. One person said, “[Name] the manager is very ¿nice and helpful. Very easy to talk to.” An improved system of audits and checks had been ¿introduced and now worked well to monitor people’s safety and the quality of ca

Inspection areas



Updated 5 August 2017

The service was safe.¿

People were protected from abuse and avoidable harm. Risks were ¿assessed and managed well.¿

There were sufficient numbers of suitably trained staff to keep people safe ¿and meet their individual needs. Staff recruitment was managed safely.¿

People were supported with their medicines in a safe way by staff who had ¿been trained.¿



Updated 5 August 2017

The service was effective.¿

People made decisions about their lives and were cared for in line with ¿their preferences and choices.¿

People were well supported by health and social care professionals. This ¿made sure they received appropriate care.¿

Staff had a good knowledge of each person and how to meet their needs. ¿They received on-going training to make sure they had the skills and ¿knowledge to provide effective care to people.¿



Updated 5 August 2017

The service was caring.¿

People were treated with dignity and respect by kind and patient staff. ¿

Staff knew people well and understood the care and support each person ¿needed.¿

People were supported to keep in touch with their friends and relations.¿

People made decisions about their day to day lives and their own care.¿



Updated 5 August 2017

The service was responsive.¿

People were involved in planning and reviewing their care. People ¿received care and support which was responsive to their changing needs.¿

People chose a lifestyle which suited them. They used community facilities ¿and were supported to follow their personal interests.¿

People shared their views on the care they received and on the home more ¿generally. Their views were used to improve the service.¿



Updated 5 August 2017

The service was well-led. ¿

There were clear lines of accountability and responsibility within the ¿management team.¿

The aims of the service were well defined and these were adopted by staff.¿

Staff worked in partnership with other professionals to make sure people ¿received appropriate support to meet their needs. People were part of their ¿local community.¿

The quality assurance systems were effective in ensuring improvement ¿were identified and acted upon.¿