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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 26, 27 February 2014
Date of Publication: 21 March 2014
Inspection Report published 21 March 2014 PDF | 83.6 KB


Inspection carried out on 26, 27 February 2014

During a routine inspection

People we met, relatives, staff and visiting health professionals all gave positive feedback about the service offered at The Ridings. One relative we spoke with said; "I have my room booked here, it is lovely."

We were told that people living at the home were helped to stay clean and look nice each day. We saw staff offer this care with compassion. We found that people were helped to stay healthy but that for some people records to support all aspects of their care were not available.

People were being supported by staff to take their prescribed medicines at the required times. We found medicines were safely stored and administered by staff who were trained to handle them. Comments about medicine management included;"The medicines are well organised" and "I am confident medicines are well managed."

We found that staff had opportunities to attend training. New staff were offered training and support before they started work in the home. Staff we spoke with said;"I do feel well supported. My manager and the home manager are approachable." One relative said; "All the staff are very friendly, they chat to people as they come and go."

There were systems in place to ensure that The Ridings was a safe place to live, work and visit. We found there were opportunities to make suggestions about how the service could be improved. One person living at the home said; �I have nothing to complain about, when I�m here I�m always happy.�