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Archived: Thorncliffe Rest Home


Inspection carried out on 22 January 2013

During a routine inspection

Most people in the home lived with varying degrees of dementia and we were very limited to the number of people we could speak with about the service. The two people we did speak with appeared happy with the service and the support they received from staff and comments included, “Yes, the staff are very good” and “I’m alright living here and I’m happy.”

Comments from relatives we spoke with during our visit included, “Everything is brilliant here, care wise, food wise, looking after their health, spotting things quickly and letting you know" and “Thorncliffe is home from home and I would move in myself.”

At our previous visit to the service we had some minor concerns relating to outcome 4 and outcome 16. At this visit we found that the manager had taken appropriate action to address those concerns.

Care plans seen were up to date; person centred and included risk assessments for areas such as moving and handling, nutrition, falls and other relevant identified risks. Wherever possible, care plans and related documentation had been signed by the person and/or their relative. We saw evidence that the manager had made contact with a number of relatives to ask that they become involved in their relatives care planning process and sign the documentation to demonstrate this. Care plans had been reviewed monthly.

Inspection carried out on 29 March 2012

During an inspection to make sure that the improvements required had been made

This review took place to check the provider had made improvements in relation to some concerns we identified in the last review. At our last visit to the service we spoke to some people using the service. Everyone we spoke with gave us positive feedback about the care they were receiving. Therefore, we did not seek further feedback from people using the service during this review.

Inspection carried out on 1 November 2011

During a routine inspection

People living in Thorncliffe told us that they felt supported and well cared for and that care workers understood their needs and how to meet them. Relatives and visiting healthcare professionals spoke highly of the service and comments included, "Residents are certainly looked after very well" and "The staff are excellent, always respecting peoples privacy and personal dignity". People appeared to be comfortable in their surroundings and told us that they were happy with the choice of food available, the environment they lived in and the overall standard of service they received.