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Archived: Southview


Inspection carried out on 23 October 2012

During a routine inspection

We spoke with four people who lived at the home. We also spoke with two relatives, three staff, the manager and the provider. There were 10 people living at Southview.

People were very satisfied with the service provided and happy living at Southview. One person said "Its' very homely here". Visitors were made welcome. A relative described Southview as a "family". People told us that they had access to medical and healthcare when they needed to and staff talked to them about this.

People said that they were well looked after and their care needs were met in a way that suited them. People liked the meals on offer and enjoyed the activities that had been introduced.

Improvements were needed in relation to infection control to reduce the risk of healthcare associated infections.

There were enough staff to meet people's needs promptly. People spoke highly of staff and they were described as "Lovely" and "very good". The manager had introduced a training programme so that staff had the right knowledge and skills to care for people.

The home had a complaints policy. People and their relatives were confident that they could raise concerns with staff or the manager and be taken seriously.

Records were not always up to date and reflective of people's current needs.

The home was run by a part time manager who was working towards improving standards at the home.

Inspection carried out on 10 September 2012

During a routine inspection

Of the twelve people living at Southview, nine shared their experiences of living at the home with us on the day of our visit. People told us that they loved living at Southview. One person said, �It is like home from home�. Relatives also commented on the homely atmosphere and the warm welcome.

Everyone who we spoke with said that the home met all of their care and support needs in ways that they prefer. People felt that they were treated with dignity and respect and observations made by us during the visit reflected this. People felt consulted in relation to how their care and support needs were met and family members were involved in reviews and assessments.

People liked the meals on offer at the home and enjoyed a flexible and responsive service at mealtimes.

Staff ensured that people�s needs were understood and managed appropriately as they had received good training opportunities and had been able to implement their learning into the home. People were protected because staff were confident to recognise and report abuse. People felt that staff were able to meet their care and support needs well. People told us that they were well supported by an �excellent� staff team. We saw that staff offered immediate and discreet support to people and also had time to sit and talk with people. Relatives also spoke highly of the staff team.

Since the time of our last visit to the home in January 2011 there had been a number of changes. Medication arrangements were now more robust providing better protection for people living at the home and staff training had also been provided to ensure that staff had the skills and the knowledge to enable them to provide good quality care.

A new manager had been appointed from within the existing staff team and she had started to review paperwork and policies to further improve the quality of the service provided. Arrangements had not yet been shared with the staff team or been formalised to identify who is assuming management responsibilities at key times but the proprietor gave assurances that this will now happen.

Inspection carried out on 26 January and 2 February 2011

During an inspection in response to concerns

Of the eleven people living at Southview 8 shared their experiences of living at the home with us on the day of our visit. People told us that they like living at Southview. People said that the care was �excellent�, the food was �very good� and the staff were �wonderful.

Everyone who we spoke with said that the home meets all of their care and support needs and that they never have to wait for anything. During our visit we saw staff attending to people�s personal care needs sensitively and discreetly, while maintaining people's dignity and privacy. Staff knew what care and support people needed and this was evidenced by our observations and during conversations with people who live at home, with staff, a relative and visiting health care professionals.

Three people that we met in their rooms told us that they were comfortable and had everything they required. One person told us that they were confident to get around the home safely with the support of staff. Other people were seen to move independently around the home fully aware of steps and ramps.

Everyone who we spoke with spoke highly of the staff team. One person reflected the comments made by others, by saying, �They are lovely. I love them all�.

People told us that staff are attentive and respond immediately to requests for support. One person living at the home said, �as soon as I ring the bell someone comes and my tablets are always given to me on time�.

A relative said that staff are extremely good. She commented, �They're always very caring�.

A visiting healthcare professional told us �staff are wonderful, very caring, treat people as individuals�.

People living at Southview knew who the owner of the home was and all spoke very highly of her although other management arrangements were less clear.

Staff told us that they loved working at Southview. Staff felt they worked well as a team and supported each other in order to do a good job however everyone we spoke with agreed that the home needs an identified manager to offer leadership and support.

People told us that the proprietor regularly asks them if they are happy with the service that they receive. People told us that the proprietor is approachable and caring. One person told us

�She has got something that money can't buy�

People told us they had no complaints and if they did they would be happy to approach the proprietor.

A relative told us that she is always kept informed and consulted in relation to health and personal care issues.

People living at Southview consider that the home is well run and meets all of their care and support needs.

Reports under our old system of regulation (including those from before CQC was created)